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  1. Mari

    A Discovery Of Witches

    I . . . tried to read the book. But it was so hard to take it seriously, and it so obviously wanted to be taken seriously that it had a serious cringe factor for me. It just seemed like pretentious wish-fulfillment Twilight for middle-aged women. Shortly after they started I quit. My eyes just kept rolling and rolling and rolling. I like ridiculous fiction, but it should know it's ridiculous. I still gave the TV show a try, because I do really enjoy creepy fantasy with a little romance thrown in, and sometimes the TV/movie translation is as or more enjoyable. I've watched the first episode, now. Settings are amazing and beautiful. The vampire is interesting, and sufficiently entertaining and magnetic. The reluctant witch lead seems childish and ranty. Hoping very much the second episode is better, or I'll have to write this one off, too.
  2. Mari

    S02.E03: Something Borrowed

    Well, they at least touched on this possibility in the first season--there was the lady defector (I'm terrible with names.) that was living with her counterpart and their spouse, in a seemingly polyamorous relationship. They just didn't get too graphic about it. (I squicked at the siblingness of it last season, and then thought of it as extreme masturbation, and then squicked again, and decided to try not to think about it.)
  3. Mari

    Wynonna Earp

    Well, so far the best thing about the show this season is Megan Follows. She manages to be crazy, likable, and not quite trustworthy all at the same time. (At least, for me.) And add me to the list of people--however long or short it is--that is not excited about Doc being a vampire, or Wynonna's fireman. First the Doc Vampire thing--I don't care if he's a good guy or a bad guy at this point. Having his character waffle between good and evil over and over again is not interesting. Pick a side. It's okay if you're occasionally tempted and not perfectly good or evil, but stop having him switch teams, or trick us into thinking he's switching teams, every single season. Sometimes more than once. Now the romance thing. I was sorry to see Dolls die. I liked him and the actor. But I consoled myself that at least the stupid love triangle was over. I loathe love triangles. They are almost always the least interesting thing about a show, and they seem to be the most relied about drama-inducing plot device. So here we go. We lost Dolls, and immediately jumped into a love . . . I can't even say triangle. Is it a quadrangle? Yay. Just. Yay. The only thing that might salvage it for me is if it turned out Kate and FireGuy were actually teaming up and both Wynonna and Doc got played. If there's a tiny cameo of Dolls laughing his ghostly rear end off at them, I will love it even more.
  4. Mari

    Sneaky Pete

    I don't know--a couple of months, maybe? Have they established that at all? They are sort of the perfect family for a con artist whose mother is a heroin addict and a brother who needs taking care of--they're devoted to each other, but they're tough as nails. (Pardon the cliché.)
  5. Mari

    Sneaky Pete

    I like Marius, too--although for someone who "doesn't get attached," he gets awfully attached. There were several points he could have cut his losses and taken off, but stayed to help. I think in a lot of cases, the money was just an excuse. Even the season 1 arc wasn't just about getting away from Vance, it was also about vengeance for his dead friend. And this season he seemed more attached to Maggie and Pete's family than they did. (Well, maybe not Pete. But Mommy's more important to him than anyone else.) I am so glad I'm not alone in not liking or being interested in Maggie. What exactly was Audrey supposed to apologize for? I mean, I figured Maggie owed an apology for stealing money and running away with her criminal boyfriend, but what did Audrey do? Did I miss something? Or was it just not believing in all of Maggie's visions? Because Maggie herself sort of admitted that she fakes it at times. As for Julia, I figured season 3 would start with Marius giving his "I want to be part of the family" spiel, and Julia'd listen and then drop the bomb--either in front of the group, or one-on-one with him, that she'd talked to the probation officer. Because I assumed the whole point of that cliffhanger conversation with the parole officer was that he'd tell her the truth about Marius. Whether or not she believes it, is another thing, I guess, but . . .
  6. Mari


    I laughed out loud. It was the best moment of the episode--the jewelry maker excuse was so ridiculous, that someone had to make fun of it. I just wish Evil Jace would say more things like that.
  7. Mari

    S01.E05: Shaking the Tree

    Yes. I'm starting to feel bad for Meek Howard, because he seems to be basically a well-intentioned, gentle man that no one really respects. It is. Objectively, he is writing relationship checks he can't cash, but it's a very human, even heart-breaking mistake. MHoward seems to be devoted to his Emily. He seems to have been gutted by her accident, and quietly shattered at meeting Anna, a version of the child they lost. He also seemed particularly disturbed by the horrible nonrelationship she seems to have with Other Howard. I'm not sure he can really see that Other Howard wouldn't want his relationships with Other Emily and Anna repaired. Add into the mix that Anna is the living, breathing child he will never see, and you've got a man who's making his choices emotionally compromised. Yes. Losing a child is one of the hardest things a person can go through--we go through life knowing that we could lose almost every other person in our lives, but most people don't let themselves acknowledge (until they have no other choice) that they could lose their child. It can unmake a person. And I know that they lost their Anna before she was born, but from what I've seen in real life, that just means that she was more real to them than she was to the rest of the world. They still lost their child, and they didn't even get to hold her. MHoward's decision to talk to Anna could definitely turn out very, very badly, but it is so easy to understand why he would try.
  8. Mari

    S02.E04: Flight Risk

    Oh, good--I wasn't the only one. I really like that they've made Trish smart and that the Murtaugh marriage is solid. However, I am tired of a couple of things--Roger almost always being the butt of the "childish and foolish Dad" jokes, with Trish and the kids pretty regularly mocking him. It's especially sad when he's one of the more involved and enthusiastic Dads on TV. Rihanna doesn't come across as sassy and determined. She comes across as entitled and bratty, and Trish enables it.
  9. Mari

    S07.E02: A Pirate's Life

    I did enjoy Old Drunk Hook only pretending to be drunk. It it was also nice, however nonsensical and convoluted and hand-wavey, that they set it up so Killian stayed with Emma. I wish we could have seen the tiny excuse dragons. If I were still invested in this show, I'd point out how ridiculous it is that Henry's nose got smaller as he became an official adult. But, since I didn't really pay attention to scenes unrelated to Emma, I must not have noticed. That is all. ETA: Realized later that my comment about Henry's nose could've been interpreted as a slam about Jared Gilmore's appearance. It wasn't meant as such--he's not a bad-looking kid at all--but he definitely doesn't have remotely the same nose as New Henry.
  10. Mari

    Wynonna Earp

    Huh--my headcanon is the other way around; I always just figured that Mama Earp had an affair and Waverly was the result. For me, it explained why Dad Earp pretty much ignored Waverly, and gave Child Willa a motive for disliking Waverly--to Willa, Waverly was the reason the parents' relationship deteriorated. I do think the show's solution for the baby was a good one. Team Earp slinging around Alice while killing demons and other hijinks just would not be easily workable, and that would put someone constantly on baby duty. Sending her off to live an anonymous life with Gus was a reasonable way to resolve that plotline. So Dolls and Nicole are conspiring? That sailed right over my head. Do we have any clue about what?
  11. Mari

    S04.E06: Tainted Love

    I hope he doesn't make it. But are the showrunners able to tell when they've taken a character beyond where people would buy a turnaround? I'd assume yes, but I've watched Once Upon a Time, so I know that's not necessarily the case. Since we've spent how many episodes waiting for Gus to have relevance, their judgement might be iffy.
  12. based on the episode thread, I should probably put this in a little tiny font, but I loathed Rowena and am glad the character is dead and glad she died off-screen. She always seemed to me like she was a misfit shoved in from another show.
  13. Well, they were pointless. :) Fans are ridiculous--expecting answers, logic, and sense. (Insert despondent head shake.)
  14. This tactic only works for certain characters. "Heroes" and average Joes and Jaynes are out of luck. There's a nice River of Doom waiting for some.
  15. True. Sadly true. At the same time, though, I'd be shocked if next season's ratings are anything but abysmal --and properly treated, this was a concept that could've gone longer. Plus, how interested are networks going to be in this team? Much of the fan base now actively despise them. Even if they get another show, how many fans will be willing to give it a shot? Personally, I've got showrunners I'll always give a chance, showrunners who I always wait a couple seasons, and these guys --that I'll avoid like I would Regina. It wouldn't be much of a shock if reality gives them a big, wet raspberry in the next couple years.