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Korra: She's the Avatar, you gotta deal with it

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I miss the past lives. I get for dramatic reasons they had to reboot the avatar cycle, but it makes me sad I won't see Aang as Korra's occasional advisor, like Roku was for Aang. I remember when Aang learned Iroh's redirecting lightening trick and was happy that part of Iroh would exist with the Avator, but now that, as well as 10,000 years of skills and knowledge is gone. Oh well.

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Nick.com has an "Evolution of Korra" video up that's mostly just a recap of her storylines. But it got me thinking about something that I loved in her design evolution.


Korra goes from 17 (?) to about 21 over the course of the series. It's amazing how those years can change a girl, and not even necessarily physical change. I was the same height and weight at 17 and 21, but by the latter age I had grown out my hair, lost my braces and started dressing like an adult. I feel like Korra's design made her so much prettier in Book 4. I mean, the hair is the obvious part, but also her new water-tribe outfit seemed more elegant to me (something about the arms, I think). And finally, I really really REALLY love the contrast between formal!Korra in book one and formal!Korra in book four:




In this gif from Book 1, I thought Korra looked just plain awkward out of her fighting gear. (And her hair decoration is just not flattering at all.) Whereas at the wedding in Book 4, well, Vavavoom!




Just love the updo, the sleeves (and shoulders!) and the pendant. This is a girl who overall really grew into her own skin over the series. I think it's a nice illustration of how she moved away from defining herself almost entirely by her bending and explored more aspects of herself, even the superficial ones.

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I really loved the change of hair too.. I was considering (still am) googling real life Korra hair styles to take to the hairdresser :P I'm not sure a hack job like she did would look quite as nice.


I also loved what both she and Osami wore at the wedding.

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