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S03.E15: Last Call

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No one's ever talked about this? Just saw this episode for the first time and just loved Harold being badass. I liked the story a lot, seeing Sandra as the flip of the coin to Harold. And of course, we get the patented "Reese destroys everyone in the place" and "Shaw tortures and gets the answer she wants". 


I'm assuming the guy who masterminded this comes up again? 


I have enjoyed this run of episodes. I may be the only person who hangs out here who enjoys stand-alones. When they're done well, they're a joy.

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No, the guy never resurfaces. And given how much needs to fit into the final season, I'm guessing he never will.


I think that when this episode thread was added, most POI fans were still commenting on the now-closed TWOP forum. (If I recall right, the overall feeling there about "Last Call" was that it was entertaining but the plot holes were too deep.)

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I thought the idea behind this episode was solid enough--I do enjoy Finch going undercover--but the execution was awful. The script was weak, the pacing was off, you knew the show wasn't going to kill an innocent kid so there was no suspense about the child hostage, the 911 lady wasn't compelling, it was just weak overall. imo Last Call is probably the worst episode of S3, and is among the entire series' weaker entries.


Root Cause and Critical were much, much better variations on the same basic idea.

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