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S18.E09: St. Lucia Or Busts

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Oh my God, JP, stop it with the touching of her face and the pushing of her hair behind her ear!  And, OMG, he just touched her eyebrow!  That's just creepy.

Also love that for the first time in history a girl finally just up and said, "Yeah, this guy's a douche.  Laters!"

After Andi gave her big speech about how frustrated she was with him saying, 'It's OK" to everything he answered, "That's fine."  Hee!

Plus, the "my English isn't good" excuse is wearing reeeeal thin.

When Nikki showed up for the first part of her date in that very tiny bikini top my best friend sent me a text with literally only one word, all caps: "BOOBS!" Which is why I love her.

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The "my English, ees not so good" thing is ridick, especially since his fluency seems to come and go when it's convenient for him. Plus, he went to college in the US. C'mon.

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