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The Challengers: Winners & Losers

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I think this topic is supposed to be about the usual "challengers" who go up against the Iron Chefs.  The Dessert Luau episode didn't seem to have one, being Iron Chef Alex vs Iron Chef Geoffrey with guest sous chefs for both of them.  I haven't seen the American show all that much so I don't know if the Iron-vs-Iron setup is common on this version.

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Is this the show thread? Dessert luau was interesting....Faulkner is always the bridesmaid though.


If you need a thread that doesn't exist, you can start one - you don't need to ask mod permission.


However, I'll start an episodes thread since I'm here.

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HonestlyWTF, I tried to think of a better, more exciting show than the Flay-Kinch match-up, but I couldn't do it!  Kinch has it all.  He's a man of the land, a farmer, a fisherman, a student of nature with an imagination unrivaled, and to top it all off, as far as I can tell, he's a modest Everyman.  I doubt there are many chefs like him in this world.  There was something satisfying, too, in seeing Flay get beaten so roundly.  If ever there was a case of the judges getting it right, this was the time.  I truly feel that you hit the jackpot.

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For those who are interested, Gregory Gourdet, Top Chef season 12 (Boston) semi-finalist, will be appearing on Iron Chef Showdown Wednesday January 3 at 9PM.


Portland's own Chef Gregory Gourdet takes on San Diego chef Brian Redzikowski over a challenging fruit.  Then the winner readies for a fowl battle with Iron Chef Michael Symon that's judged by Judy Joo and Simon Majumdar.

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Thanks for the reminder, Reality Check.  I am a huge Gregory fan and would love to see him win!  He'll have his work cut out for him if he has a chance to battle Michael Symon.

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