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Spot The Victorian Tropes

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I started this in an episode topic. But I realized it needed its own.


From Epsodes 1 and 2


Golem. Check.

Vampire. Check.

Mummy. The golem fills this slot too.

Great White Hunter. Check.

Gentleman archaeologist. Check.

Jack the Ripper. Maybe.

Opium Den. Check.

Sherlock Holmes. Apparently not, though I wouldn't be surprised if the Hound shows up.

Underground Anatomy School. Check.

Frankenstein (the Third, presumably). Check.

His Creature. Yes, and it is distinct from the golem.

Jekyll and Hyde. Nope, but there's plenty of time.

Consumption. Check.

Oscar Wilde. Probably not, since Dorian Gray is a real person in this.

Spiritualism. Check.

Unnecessarily Complex Machinery. You get that free with Frankenstein.

Debtor's Prison. So far no.

Pea Soup Fog. Not so much.
Aggressive Street Prostitutes. So far no.

Anarchists with Bombs. Not yet, but i expect to see someone use them as cover for something else.

Music Hall. Nope, but the wild west show might have been a substitute.

Someone posted that the lamplighter scene had pea soup. I agree, but that's all we've seen, hence "Not so much".

Update from Episode 3.


Dark Motivation. Check, Frankenstein's childhood.


Frankenstein's Creature. Definitely. At the end of the previous episode we learned that he had actually made two and that, like Data and Lore, one was aspiring, the other frustrated and envious. In this episode we get an account of the first creature congruent with the book.


Music Hall. Still not as such, but the lowbrow offerings of the Grand Guignol probably include such.


Phantom of the Opera. That's pretty much Caliban's job.

Hmm, now I'm thinking that Jekyll and Hyde will only show up as parts at the theater.

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Good one, SG.


This thread is also for things that we haven't seen yet.


Here's one: Art Nouveau, which is partly inspired by egyptology and other explorations of ancient culture.

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Thanks SilverStormm and dr. pepper! This thread plays right into one of my favorite things about the show.


Art Nouveau? Love it. It was a short movement, and this takes place a year or so into it, which is perfect. I could definitely see them dressing a character with Art Nouveau/Egyptian inspired jewelry, particularly necklaces or collars. There was also such interesting use of the female form and botanical imagery -- the set designer could hint at it with wallpaper, sculpture, etc.

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Re: Closer Than Sisters,  just realized I overlooked the most obvious of tropes:


Fancy schmancy letters revealing the innermost secrets one would never (heaven forfend!) utter aloud.

 -- The pen (and ink)

-- The heavy paper

-- The ink blotter


Victorian letters, I heart you so.

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