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  1. LOl they actually had a doctor talking about the benefits of vaccines of Jenny's head didn't explode? I think the best time of this show was when Rosie O'Donnel was on. I just loved to see Lizzy squirm. What really annoyed me about his show is that they have to rush through shit to get everything to fit in. It happens alot and it just annoyed me.
  2. Caliban's talk about him overshadowing humanity, is similar to basements dudes claim that the "night" is gonna rule over. It is an interesting parallel that you have physical monsters: Caliban, basement dude and werewolf and the monsters that are hidden behind human niceties and clothes: Vanessa, Dorian, Victor Sir Malcolm and betting gang. I love that Victor was almost frothing at the mouth to do experiments on basement dude. At least the first own what they are. I almost feel that Josh Hartness character despite all his flaws, is probably the most moral character on the show. At least h
  3. I should have read the episodes forums first because when I did I found that most everybody is creeped out by him.
  4. Does anybody else find Aviva's dad to be a really creepy old man? I imagine he likes sex, but it is sorta creepy just fondling women. Maybe I am just a prude, but I would not feel comfortable having my friend's dad grope me. At Ramona seems to see the act.
  5. I really don't get this. I have a feeling that Smugger just made that last statement up.
  6. I want them to make new episodes so bad.Some network really needs to greenlight it into a tv show. I love in the last episode about the different positions of hand holding.
  7. Or what about these sexay Scotsman who wear kilts. I think they did got to Scotland at one point, but they really didn't touch upon it.
  8. I was always curious too. I would say the war on the heathens, but I don't think that these boys would make a good soldier. They prob would starve due to their inability to cook. I almost think its like break them down, build them up with Gothard nonsense type of thing. Plus, maybe that is where the "trouble makers" go to get "fixed."
  9. That seance scene is why people need to stop messing around with ghosts. Too bad we never learn from our mistakes. I really hope Dorians camera man is being paid good, cause that was some kinky shit. I am curious if Dorian is going to join the Scooby Gang in hunting down Mina.
  10. The flip flops piss me off. Just you can, doesn't mean its okay for you go hiking in South America in flip flops. They are all gonna have a severe foot issues when they get old.
  11. The no dancing makes me sad. I remember one episode when the little ones were dancing and they got chastises by the sister moms. Despite my name, I am not a very good dancer, however, some the funnest times I've had were at weddings dancing. Also I loath that Michelle and Boob flaunt their sexual relationship in public and in front of the kids, especially when baiting them. It is just screams immaturity and honestly no kid wants to know about their parents sex life. I wonder if there is some "currency" between the sister moms. Maybe one sister mom looks the other way while Jessa
  12. I keep expecting the Doctor or Capt. Harkness to pop up. I know I know, wrong show. So is Captain Nemo or some variation of the character gonna pop up?
  13. I really like the Kid Farm show on Youtube. Probably the best portrayal of the Duggers.
  14. I watched this really good movie called Camp Hell. According to the link the director his parent were members of the People of Hope that is located in NJ. I like the commentary that he gives, it is pretty insightful. http://www.summercampculture.com/camp-hell-based-on-true-events/
  15. As long as she keeps the internet and cable passwords to herself she should be fine. In all seriousness, it is sad that the only worth that she has is being a sister-mother or a wife. I like to think she is waiting till Boob and Mullet are old, all the kids out of the house and then she is going to let loose.
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