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Who's fighting prowess would reign supreme? Here are 14 of the most formidable living blades in Game of Thrones that we have seen fight (so no Barristan Selmy or Blackfish), given a cursory seeding. Please feel free to add your own (vote "Other" and explain why), and add reasons for your vote that I may have overlooked. And remember, the Third Rule of Fight Club is "Have Fun and Try Your Best!"


1. Ser Gregor Clegane
STRENGTHS: Freakishly strong, gigantic, merciless, "surprisingly quick" for his size.
WEAKNESSES: Lacks ability to think strategically. May have spent too much time torturing peasants and disemboweling prisoners, rather than racking up XPs fighting skilled warriors.


2. Oberyn Martell
STRENGTHS: Quick, cunning, vengeance-driven, knows poisons.
WEAKNESSES: Getting older, not gigantic, blinded by desire for dead Lannisters.


3. The Hound
STRENGTHS: Extremely large, highly skilled, morally flexible, adapts fighting style to situation, brutal. Knows location of the human heart.
WEAKNESS: Fire = kryptonite for The Hound.


4. Jaqen H'ghar
STRENGTHS: Swift, silent, deadly. Knows poisons, able to change appearance at will.
WEAKNESS: Only one - lives by a murky Code involving The Red God.


5. Ser Bronn of the Blackwater
STRENGTHS: Quick, merciless, not bound by "honor".

WEAKNESSES: Booze, prostitutes, money. Broken nose may affect ability to breathe.


6. Brienne of Tarth
STRENGTHS: Large, quick, defeated Loras and Jaime, other fighters would underestimate her at their peril, has a Valeryian steel sword named "Oathkeeper", which is bad-ass, and a suit of very expensive armor.
WEAKNESS: Has a code and lives by it, so GRRM will destroy her.


7. Grey Worm
STRENGTHS: Unsullied training, not distracted by desire, loyalty.
WEAKNESSES: A life as a slave may have reduced ability for independent thought, may lack testosterone due to emasculation.


8. Daario Naharis
STRENGTHS: Whistling, seduction, knowledge of local flora, using unexpected tactics.
WEAKNESSES: Ants in pants.


9. Jon Snuh
STRENGTHS: Defeated Quorin Halfhand in single combat (with an assist from Quorin), defeated Karl at Craster's Keep (with an assist from a daughter-wife), trained by Ser Rodrick, has a Valyrian steel sword and an albino direwolf. Ought to be unstoppable, but...
WEAKNESSES: Pouting, brooding, time needed for hair care. Fights with "honor".


10. Ser Loras Tyrell
STRENGTHS: Experienced fighter in tournaments, defeated The Mountain at jousting.
WEAKNESSES: Defeated by The Mountain once unhorsed, defeated by Brienne. May be distracted by desire to keep armor beautiful, unknown combat experience, susceptible to blackmail due to sexual orientation.


11. Ramsay Snow
STRENGTHS: Archery, close-quarters combat, flaying, psychological and physical torture. Ruthless, psychotic, unpredictable.
WEAKNESSES: Fighting w/o armor, more interested in torture than victory in combat.


12. Ser Berrick Dondarrion
STRENGTHS: Experienced in combat, repeatedly resurrected by the LoL.
WEAKNESSES: Defeated by The Hound in single combat, has only one eye remaining, each resurrection makes him "come back... a bit less. Pieces get chipped away".


13. Ser Jaime Lannister

STRENGTHS: Highly-trained, cunning, experienced fighter in tournament and combat.
WEAKNESSES: Defeated by Brienne and Robb Stark's forces, now they call him "Lefty".


14. King Stannis Baratheon

STRENGTHS: Fearless, relentless, driven.
WEAKNESSES: Desire for shortcuts, Mel.

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Other: Caveman! 


Because when geeks have these arguments, someone has to whip out the Astronaut vs. Caveman argument ;-) 


Seriously though, I'm torn between Jaqen, Daario and YARA, yo, White Stumbler, you forgot Yara. 


So my "other" is Yara, because she'll likely gut a person like a fish and remember to thank them beforehand. 

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8. Daario Naharis

STRENGTHS: Whistling, seduction, knowledge of local flora


lolol I love this.


You forgot


Ser Jorah Mormont

STRENGTHS: Armor and a sword, which helps if you are fighting armorless Dothraki. Also assisted in taking out soldiers in Yunkai. Fought with Robert, Ned, Thoros of Myr and Co. back in the day (Greyjoy Rebellion?)

WEAKNESS: I think that one is obvious.

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Without question, Jaqen because it is never a question of if he can do the job, it's only a matter of how the hell did he do that?! when he finishes the job.  He seems incapable of missing his mark, ever.

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Without question, Jaqen because it is never a question of if he can do the job, it's only a matter of how the hell did he do that?! when he finishes the job.  He seems incapable of missing his mark, ever.

A man has said. ;-)

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