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Poll: Choose Your House

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There is a distinct lack of polls in The Habitat so with that in mind, I'm going to get the ball rolling...


We are almost halfway through this epic saga now and the time has come to get off the fence and pick a side...


Here is your chance to pin your colours to the mast of your chosen House. Choose wisely smallfolk, for once chosen, you should remain loyal to your liege lord, else forever be known as - GASP - an oathbreaker - the shame, the dishonour!


(If your House is destroyed with no living heirs a la Renly Baratheon, then you may follow Briennes' example and choose again)


Please state your choice below.


Please remember this is for Unsullied members only. Thank you.

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Dude, I am totally going with "Other" and here's my reasoning, if I were to live in this land I am not ashamed to admit a few things:  A) I'd want to get some place with good wine, great beaches and a minimum of Courts at Which to Play Power Games.   Dorne sounded pretty good.  Myrcella may be the luckiest out of the entire crew of characters.  B) I'd totally be down with protecting myself via magic rather than blood, guts, gore and freaking flaying, thankyouverymiuch. 


Then most importantly C) Oh my God would I ever want to get as far away from all of these people as I could.  They're interesting....To Watch, that is.  But wow, the lot of them would make terrible dog-sitters and really, that's important criteria for me.  


So that eliminates any "I'd join house such-and-such" for me.  As for who I want to win this game?  Well, that's a little bit like wanting someone to win a leper colony, or the Titanic.  Or the gift of a Monkey's Paw.   They only think good things will happen from winning, when truthfully, the only real hope they have is in getting the hell away.  


So I hope that my favorite characters all get away to a nice villa by the sea.  Eat plenty of fruit.  Stay the fuck away from all Seven Kingdom's Houses and for the love of gods and incidental kitchen appliances, Do Not Accept Any Wedding Invitations.  Just trust me on that one. 

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I think we should add Night's Watch, Dany's Free People, and the Free Folk (north of the wall) to the mix, too! ;) 


Err...I edited it. I'm coffeeless this AM. Pay no attention to the tired white cloak behind the curtain...

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It's sort of hilarious that we've been doing this long enough that I think I can tell who has likely voted already, just by the houses represented.  Clearly Pallas and I both went with "other" which is fitting in every respect.  


There's a Baratheon vote, so I think White Stumbler has likely chimed in.   A Targaryen vote, so Radiant or possibly Posh/90PercentGravity has likely dropped by.  House Stark, that's actually the toughest one to call, but I think ablelard has likely tossed her hat into that ring. Could be Direwolfpup.  


Don't think Gingerella's been through yet.  


Killing time before tonight's episode :-) 

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I chose 'other' because I am afraid if I choose the House I am drawn to, it will be sure demise for that House because I suffer from Post Show Traumatic Syndrome and I feel that my thoughts and feelings are being warged by A Show...so alas, I am unable to choose...because I guess I do believe in magic. Shit.

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