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The Cast In Other Roles


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Of course, loved Aubrey in Parks & Recreation, especially the early years when her personality was more subdued and she played the jaded millennial hipster who slowly decided she cared about Andy, didn't want to continue to be the aloof, too cool girl.

Now she's always got a smirk in her face.

I haven't seen the other cast members in other things, besides Germaine in Flight of the Conchords and Divorce and Jean Smart in various things.

Never seen the actress who plays Kerry but she looks a lot like Aubrey Plaza, both brunettes with round cheeks.  They've rarely been in the same scenes but I wonder if casting similar-looking actresses was deliberate.

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Pretty sure Dan was in Downton Abbey. ;) And might have been in Beauty and the Beast...

Aubrey Plaza was a crazy bitch on Criminal Minds. 

I always loved Jean Smart on Designing Women. 

Burned Face Guy is one of those actors that I feel like I have seen everywhere but can't name a role.

Lily Rabe (Syd's mom) is on American Horror Story intermittently.

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Rachel Keller was in Fargo 2.  

Jemaine has been in a lot of stuff since Flight of the Conchords.  Gentleman Broncos, Dinner for Schmucks.  Rio2.  And now Avatar 2 through 18, it appears.  

Aubrey Plaza is fantastic in everything.  Even Dirty Grandpa.  

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