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  1. South Park has always had the approach that no topic is off limits, but you have to think that this might be the line. On the other hand they've been trying to get cancelled for years now so who knows...
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this but I highly recommend you check out FX's YouTube page. There's a lot of great shorts on there. Behind the scenes and even deleted scenes that they call Shadow Shorts. It really makes you believe episodes could easily be 45 minutes long.
  3. Which is odd because they try not to use CGI. But I guess when you're trying to make bulging eyes blink you have no choice.
  4. So I didn't even connect this to that scene in Interview with a Vampire where they lure them in to kill Kirsten Dunst. But now that I think about it, it was all very similar. And I think the fact that Guilleirmo was able to off all those vampires is because of how lame they are. He was one guy and the minute he killed the vampire on the stage everyone started running. He only had one group swarm over him and he got them with the holy water super soakers.
  5. How long do humans live? 100 years? 200 years? How old are you 90? *26 Oh, do you think you have a long way to go? (I know I'm misquoting but I loved that interaction)
  6. I saw this. Not sure where they're going with it.
  7. So now I'm torn. Was Benjy a vampire the whole time? Did we see him eat? Did they ever show him outside in the daytime? Did we ever see his teeth? This is begging for a re-watch. Not that I need a reason. I don't think Nandor would have turned him, I think it was a con. Maybe getting turned brought his memories back. Luminosity doesn't have the power to reverse vampire hypnotism.
  8. So it turns out Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch) has been trolling local news stations for years as a motivational yo-yo enthusiast. He found his way on to the broadcast and then just flubbed everything. And listen to some of the lines he uses... Amazing. For example, he says he wears suspenders because he is absolutely terrified of belts.
  9. Yes, and all because an outside studio had made it. But that's actually the encouraging part because maybe even Netflix or another online service that has little to lose would pick it up.
  10. It could be a new spin on Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  11. Do we know who? Maybe the Baron? Or Nick Kroll? Or a new character?
  12. And of course a craven is a coward so Laszlo's last name is appropriate. I actually loved this episode. One of my favorites so far. I love Matt Berry and him going to a small town in Pennsylvania and basically becoming a local hero really worked for me. The way everyone worshiped him was great. Was it hypnosis? I think so. And I'm not sure how he can affect a volleyball game but he seemed to have. Add in Jim the Vampire. Too much funny to list. Just the fact that he didn't recognize Laszlo until he saw the empty mirror made me spit out my caffeine free non-carbonated diet M
  13. I took that to be because they hadn't fed. Like in Dracula with Gary Oldman. When Neo first gets there he's extremely old and then he feeds and starts to look younger.
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