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What Are... Jeopardy!'s Funniest Moments?

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There were the Teen Tournament contestant's "pussy furry" answer and Ken Jennings' "ho/hoe" instead of rake, but I think my favorite is the delightful Chicago columnist's offering "threesome" in place of [love] triangle.


Referring to titles, "Cats & Dogs: 'The Revenge of ____  ____"


I have no idea what the correct answer was, but that girl may never live down her "Pussy Furry" answer.


"This term for a long-handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker."


Instead of "What is a rake?" Ken went with "What is a hoe?"


"If Andy yearns for Brenda and Brenda cares about Charlene who pines for Andy, the three of them form one of these."


"What is a threesome?" prompted Alex to say, "Kara has obviously had much more experience than I."

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There was one with Gene Finerman, Bob Verini and another guy with an Italian name.  Finerman was in the middle and he made some crack about feeling like Jesus the Jew surround by Romans.  It was hilarious, but when the show was re-run, that remark had been cut.  I guess you're not allowed to make a joke about Jesus.

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I remember a woman contestant (name forgotten) who had been on the English version of Jeopardy! She had a little frog good luck piece but they wouldn't let her have it on stage.  Alex quipped "No, the English don't like frogs".  Very funny at the time.  Probably would have been edited out nowadays.

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