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PODCAST S02.E18 Go Pirates!: The Stories On The Bus Go Round And Round

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I've always found the "Margot Kidder in a bush" reference from this episode (Veronica talking to Ms. James about Rhonda's friend Michele) a little strange. Veronica would have been 9 years old when that happened. I barely know who Margot Kidder is, and I'm 15 years older than Veronica. But maybe if you live in Southern California, these Hollywood references are closer to one's point of view. 

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I just want to point out that I did the Egg Drop Challenge thing in 8th grade, not 12th, and our teacher dropped ours off the roof of the school not some silly 12ft drop. Also it was supper easy; all I did was fill a gallon milk container with popcorn and put the egg in the middle, it didn't break. Kids who tried to make fancy contraptions nearly all broke.

Also the doctor giving paid for anxiety diagnoses resulting in we no longer accept that diagnosis? That would be illegal for the school to do. They may be able to file a complaint with the medical board and say they are no longer accepting diagnoses from THAT doctor, but even still once it's in a student's IEP the school would have no option other than to accept it.

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OK, I actually LIKED the dream sequence (though it definitely should have come earlier*). The meta analysis of, "So wait - Veronica's subconcious is complaining about how her subconcious depicts the bus victims as a bunch of stereotypes?" gets a bit weird (unless we're meant to see it as a psychic vision - she did used to see Lilly, I guess, so it is possible). It's also odd that V wonders why Peter Ferrer might not like baseball - don't we later learn that:


 He was abused by his Little League Baseball Coach (Woody)! I guess PLAYING baseball doesn't necessarily mean you like to watch it, but it's the way to bet.

I wish they'd gone with "That guy on Just Shoot Me" as the sitcom reference, or at least some vague reference to it. OK, it wouldn't happen, because it was on a different network.


Isn't "Lucky" the guy who came back as a murderer in S3?

* "Huh, huh" - Dick Casablanca

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