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PODCAST S02.E15 Go Pirates!: Altar Egos

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The back half of season 2 is so much better than the first half with this show. I know the episodes aren’t great but Veronica is so much more as a character when she’s single and not tied down with Duncan.

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I could be completely wrong about this, but I always assumed that Kendall went into Duncan's bathroom specifically to retrieve some Duncan hair,


later to be planted on "the Oscar" used in Aaron's defence

and that she was doing it under instruction from Aaron.  The sales pitch to Logan was a ruse to get into the apartment, I believe.  She gave up pretty quickly.

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I think that's correct about retrieving Duncan's hair. Also, I thought it was definitely "Haaron" narrating the Tinseltown Diaries, which makes the dramatic line delivery even funnier.... Yep, I just looked and IMDB credits Hamlin as Tinseltown Diary narrator.

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I have essentially no memory of the CotW (again). But at least there was decent progress on the ongoing mysteries.

Wait - didn't Logan pretty much TELL Hannah's dad he was planning on defiling his daughter last episode? Why would sending an E-mail now be so bad?

"A prominent, well respected coke head doctor..." Gotta love Cliff! But why is little rich boy Logan using the "cheapo" (dedicated, but cheap) lawyer in town?

Definitely remember Haaron's Hannibal Lektor shtick.
I agree with Imamarshmallow, the prison visit (and subsequent hotel trip) was to do with planting Duncan's hairs on the Oscar - the boobs were just the cherry on the sundae in incentivising Aaron. The problem I have (then and now) - could you be sure they'd be Duncan's? You're building one leg of your defence on the idea that the Neptune Grand cleaning is thorough enough to make sure only Duncan's hairs are present AND that nobody else has used that shower.

Love Lamb being a complete dick to Keith.

Not touching No 8 (I don't have enough disinfectant)!

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