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PODCAST S02.E14 Go Pirates!: Here's How It's Gonna Play Out, Slugger

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I think Dick Casablancas is the reason the homosexual population of Neptune High feels threatened. Dick and the '09ers as backup--maybe the 'posse', someone called them. Luke, who in the movie proves to be homosexual, working to stay in the closet, sean.  Madison being an example. It is perfectly possible, even likely, that the majority of the Neptune High population doesn't care about sexual orientation. (or even race or whether madison has ridiculous birthday parties). It is a normal highschool with some crazy people.

  Dick is established as someone who becomes the 'second' for Logan, a bully, when Logan bullies Veronica. Later we see he takes this role with his father (second), who bullies Cassidy for his perceived effeminate/homosexual behavior and appearance. I bet that Dick, wanting his father's approval takes this behavior to school. Last episode we see he sustained a returned salvo, and the clearing smoke shows that he probably earned it, even if it is a cheap shot.

Mac is the one in the show who expresses that outing people against their will is wrong, when she talks to Veronica. I also might wonder if Cassidy was the one who set up her tightening up security on the database.

I think the show isn't coming up with these storylines as detached cheap shots. I think they are a sustained plot line, it is just that they are a plot line without a lot of direct vector. Which I think is the complaints about a lot of the current plots, so it seems to support my theory. In the first season Lilly's murder provided a kind of focus but the second season is more like life?


This is the second time we see Logan court someone. He is much better at courtship than he is at sustaining a relationship.

If I ever watch the second season over I'm going to see if he says anything to a woman until now that isn't passive aggressive and verbally abusive. My first thought was no, all of the lines, like "emotionally unavailable women" are memorable, although Veronica hasn't been emotionally unavailable to him and it is a nasty thing to say. "Rode wet and put away hard." is another. Funny, yeah, but he's been having sex with one of these women over time, have a little class, fella. Then I  thought , well, the nasty gossip exchanges with Tessa around the homecoming? He isn't awful to Tessa, even if the nastiness is present in what he is saying. And he does clean it up a little when he asks Veronica for help. Okay, maybe a few begrudgingly civil words. Still he treats women like crap this season until Hannah.

Of course he becomes attached. He is totally alone in the world. She is the girl he thought Veronica was preseason, all girly and thinking he's wonderful. It is like he fell into the perfect setup and he knows he can't accept it.

Sucks to be Logan.

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This is another episode I find it hard to remember in any detail. Did like Lamb pointing out that "MAD" was really WAY too lopsided to be a real threat.

Forgotten Logan icing Hannah was as part of a double game. Logan can be a real bastard when he wants to, though possibly a magnificent one (and I think he really did regret it afterwards).

You've gotta hand it to the Fitzpatricks - they may be evil criminals, but they sure work hard for it!

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