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PODCAST S02.E12 Go Pirates!: Have You Ever Been To A Catholic Church?

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In the first season the ghost of Lilly Kane cried out to Veronica for vengeance. in the second season the bus crash victims, like souls adrift in the river stix, cry out for vengeance. Meg surfaces to add her voice, but by then we have kind of forgotten about the bus crash.  Logan, we meet him as a bully, plays a wonderful turn across from Hamlin, and we learn why he's a dick. Both, really. In the second season there is more Logan than there is story written for Logan. Honestly we don't learn much new about him after the first season (if you extrapolate). 

Maybe the story is too many plots, or maybe too many plots to work in too may people. Duncan, because the writers and cast liked the actor. 

Yes, Keith seems quietly competent in this episode.  Still, Father Patrick gives Veronica better advice, and more on point advice, than we ever see Keith give her. I assume Patrick knows who she is, too. One of her themes is how to react to wrongdoing, with revenge or with mercy, and he sees that immediately. 

I think Veronica is working as his receptionist after school but not doing stakeouts and so on, so she needs to keep her bistro job as well as the MI job. 

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I have almost no recollection of this episode - it seems like a lot happened, but I didn't recall how it all fitted together. I remember the odd scene (Wallace being accused of a Hit & Run, Weevil getting kicked out & beaten up by his gang) but had no idea they were all in this episode. And in the light of the ultimate reveal of the Season mystery, I'm still not sure how it was meant to work:


Who exactly planted the rat - Beaver? But if so, why did Woody warn his daughter to not take the bus? That would imply that he was confronted by some of his victims. But if Beaver wanted to avoid the confrontation at all (which would seem necessary for his Evil Master Plan to work) wouldn't he blow the bus on the way TO the stadium, not the way back? So did the other victims talk to Woody or not? And if making a public confrontation was the point,  why did nobody else see it?

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On ‎09‎/‎04‎/‎2018 at 1:12 PM, Sarah D. Bunting said:

Pottsie, do us a favor and remind us to revisit these spoilered questions when we get to the end of the season.

Sure, if I remember! Guess you'd be recording the Finale around the start of May?

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