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S14.E22: Dead in His Tracks

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Season 14 ends with the CSIs investigating a crime with ties to a mob heist that occurred 25 years ago.  Meanwhile, Brass if faced with a life-altering decision when his daughter attempts suicide.
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From TVGuide


"We started the season with Capt. Brass [realizing] Ellie was a far worse seed than even her dad knew," executive producer Don McGill says. "[He's wondered] whether his commitment to the job was responsible for failings in his personal life. We tried to bring some closure to that story line, with the possibility for Capt. Brass to find some peace."

Huh?  The story was on the back burner the whole time.  There was no closure.  Very, very disappointing.

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Oh look, Brass has a long talk with her daughter and has to think about things.   THIS is how they send off Brass, he decides he needs to spend more time with family? Why?  Ellie is going to prison for a long time for killing her mother (among others I believe).  Brass quitting his job would do nothing to change that.  Just ugh.  Ellie was always a whiny brat who thought she wasn't loved enough and punished those around her for it.  Meanwhile her dad was a cop who caught the bad guys and made a difference in people's lives who appreciated what he did.  He deserves to go out being a good cop, not giving in to his whiny butt daughter.


Oh and there was some crime to solve to, I guess.

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That was the season finale? Blah.



You know, both CSI and Criminal Minds have been seriously underwhelming me this season - when I'm not rolling my eyes I'm getting infuriated. With CSI it comes with a side order of drafting an impassioned letter to Eric Szmanda, encouraging him to get: a) a new agent b) a new gig.


But this week's Criminal Minds really brought it. Really. The A game, it was brought. And it was the first part of a two-part season finale.


And THIS was how CSI decided to end Season 14? With a who gives a fuck cold case? This was clearly a 'no humans involved' murder case (I mean the recent murder, not the kid) - I just felt for the poor kid who didn't realise in time that all his friends were murderous assholes. I did not feel sorry for the worst cop of all time, who did not realise that his daughter was some kind of psychopath.


This is the 'no game' gambit, apparently. The season and Brass's career end, not with a bang, but a whimper.

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I heard he wanted to cut back his episodes and the show execs. cut him completely. Jim Brass will be missed. Will Detective Lou Vartann and/or Detective Kevin Crawford be here to take Brasse's place??

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Well I definitely hate to see Jim Brass leave. Do like that even though Ellie had shot her mom and said he hated Jim and he wasn't her father, he stuck by her. Then after her attempted suicide she must have had some clarity when she awake from her coma. She said it was her fault and not his. She also said as Jim started to leave,"NO stay, please Dad!!?" Very nice! Not sure what all Jim and Russell talked about over drinks but it will probably start next season with them saying Jim decided to retire to take care of Ellie. Even as stated elsewhere she will be in jail for a long time. I had hoped they would do like they did with Catherine. Have Jim get a promotion or join the FBI or something and have a chance to come back periodically. If he just retires I'm not sure we will have reason to see him.

But when Dr. Ray Langston left we never saw him again either. And after a couple mentions of his trial, we haven't heard a thing.

Now the A plot with the 3 buddies in 1989 finding the wounded guy in the old club house and the stacks of money. Today we find Roger Mathers dead, one of the 3 boys. The cold case is reopened. We had a few red herring plot twists, like Sheriff Combs being a suspect. Then it is Tyson Briggs, one of the 3 boys. We see that he threw bag, and then later accused because he played sports. Then it was off on to Scotty Gates who was later killed. Then it is off to former Deputy Sam Bishop, he waited 25 years for this. Was clever how he made the stone lion duplicate. But then we find daughter Karen Bishop is in on it. I suspected her after seeing her a couple times in the investigation. What bugs me is during the interrogation by Nick, when she is accused she turns from innocent to Bitc_ in seconds! You see that in many shows. Here she says they have no evidence. Did she think she could belittle them since they didn't have evidence, but let them know she did do it but they can't prosecute her? They were all looking for that money. Sam Bishop had found the gun and stone lion by the creek.

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