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S01.E05: Today Was a Good Day

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They're not married. She broke up with him and kicked him out. She can do whatever she wants with whomever she wants now! He fucked up so she's allowed to move on.

Besides, Brandon was going to bring his boss's wife to the block party specifically to make her jealous. Jerrika said she was surprised that Brandon showed up to the block party, which sounded to me like she did not bring this guy to make Brandon jealous. Between the two, Brandon bringing his boss's wife sounded petty. Jerrika bringing Cornelius the orthodontist (yeah, I know his name is actually Demetrius) seemed like she had no ulterior motive related to Brandon.

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On 2/11/2018 at 9:40 PM, Enigma X said:

I am from Chicago (West and Northside), and a lot of this seems unrecognizable for even the bad neighborhoods. I guess it needs to be overly dramatic.


And this is not filmed on the Southside.

It's filmed in Pilsen and the West side, which have better infrastructure for the TV/movie industries than the far south side does.  What do you find overly dramatic about it?  I've been fascinated by how "normal" everyday life seems in an area that has about two homicides a day.

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In episode 6, I already outlined some of what I consider to be dramatics of this show. And if all someone expects from Chicago (or any city) to see what has been sensationalized about Chicago as the norm then the overly dramatic moments of The Chi will sit well with you.

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