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S02.E22: Going Home

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Overwhelmed by the senseless destruction left in the wake of a devastating tornado, a bone-weary Charles Ingalls convinces himself to give up trying to make a life for his family on an unforgiving prairie, puts the farm up for sale, and prepares to move back to the big woods where he was born.

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The whole Simms plot line was way too coincidental, showing up right after the tornado wanting to buy the place. It made me think he was actually a heavenly surrogate a la Jonathan in "The Lord is My Shepherd." But nope, he's just a weirdo who forgot for a second that he's too old to work a farm and who has enough money to throw away on fixing someone else's damaged property. Wait, if he has that much money to waste after a lifetime of farming, Pa should beg him to come back and provide some badly needed farmer lessons.

Side note: "YOU lost a crop to a tornado? No way! I once lost a crop to a tornado!" No shit, farmboys, it's the prairie. Tornados are not exactly once-in-a-lifetime occurrences.

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