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S04.E09: Bedbugs

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I’ve been kind of obsessed with purses recently (not $1300 purses, but still—just trying to fill gaping emotional chasms with pretty things), so I was actually wondering if Abbi’s bag was a real designer purse or just something made up for the show.  I liked how architectural it looked.  I felt awful that she was robbed of her last dollars and her beautiful purse, then got stuck working security to top it all off.  Nice to see Steve Buscemi pop up there, though, I guess.

Also felt awful for Ilana that after all her generosity, her remaining money had to be burned and she lost her job.  Kind of a depressing episode, actually.  Bedbugs are a major fear and concern for me every single time I stay in a hotel, so this ep was also nice nightmare fuel.

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I liked that Abbi was the only one who would take in Ilana even though she had to cover herself in plastic bags. 

At first I thought it was weird that the Anthropologie woman would just give Abbi a security job without discussing it when she was clearly applying for a sales position. It was bugging me. Then I realized it was because of the purse.

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