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S04.E03: A Dark Knight: They Who Hide Behind Masks

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Sure, just like in poker (where it's called "No backing down" - each raise must be at least as big as the last). It's clear there was such a rule in this auction too, but Penguin didn't want Barbara to win, so allowed Bruce to mess things up for her.

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This was quite a fun episode.  I'm not a fan of violence, but Zsasz's one-liners have been awesome this season, and I like his back-and-forth with Penguin.  

Ed being stumped by children's riddles was amusing as well.  I thought the psycho fan would stick around for a bit longer.

I also enjoyed Bruce and Alfred doing clumsy undercover work on the ship.  Bruce as the millionaire brat was hilarious.  It's nice to see him loosen up.  The character was becoming way too humorless.  And this is an aspect of the character which hasn't been explored yet, and this show is always so repetitive.  

I agree that Sophia is going to play Jim like a violin so their scenes together were pretty cringey.

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