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Now Read This: Mod Rules & Announcements

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Going forward we want to make it perfectly clear what is and isn't acceptable behavior in a number of the Real Housewives forums. 

  • The level of posters snarking on each other has passed far beyond what we deem acceptable, and must stop. This includes passive-aggressive jabs; mocking the opinions of others in any form, whether written or by using gifs/pics; and ganging up to shout down others.
  • Opposing views aren't personal attacks - stating your own opinion is fine; trying to change/belittle/mock the opinions of others who disagree is not and breaches our golden rule: Be Civil.

We're implementing a low tolerance policy on these behaviors as of now and anyone who, in the view of the mod team, is found to be in breach of the above will be subject to stringent moderation measures, potentially leading up to a permanent ban.

We'd rather not have to take this stance and prefer everyone to get along; so help us to help you and then everyone gets to enjoy snarking on the show.

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As Season 11 is set to launch, we wanted to update the forum rules for RHoBH: 

  • The golden rule of the site is Be Civil.  Treat your fellow posters with respect, whether you agree with their opinions or not. 
  • If you see a post that you believe violates forum guidelines, don't respond to it.  Use the report button (flag icon) instead, which brings the posts to the attention of the entire mod team.  Moderator actions are not to be discussed in the threads.
  • We have an Ignore feature for other posters.  If you are consistently irritated by a particular poster, you can add them to your Ignore list by clicking your name at the top right of the page and then Ignored Users. 
  • State your opinion once, and move on - no one is ever going to "win" an argument on the forums, so it's not fruitful to keep going back and forth.
  • Review our Politics Policy. Political discussion is only allowed if it relates DIRECTLY to something that occurs in an episode. 
  • It is against our policy to post addresses of any cast members.  Don't be stalkers, y'all!
  • Only discuss the events of an episode in the episode threads.  Any information about the real time lives of the housewives are spoilers in the episode threads, but can be discussed in the individual housewife's thread or the media thread. 

Your mods for this forum are @TexasGal,  @jewel21 and @txhorns79. Please PM any of us with questions or concerns!

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One update to the forum rules before Season 12 starts.  

  • Review our Inclusion Policy.   Posts containing slurs based on a person's race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, capacities, age or body type will be removed and the member issued moderation measures, up to and including a ban.
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