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S35: Katrina Radke

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9 hours ago, Star Aristille said:

Hi.  I'm an Olympian who hates whiners, but loves Denise from Philippines.

I'm glad to see a fan of Denise.  But her older age has me worried for her longevity.

Denise is so underrated (well, not by fans, but by TPTB and Probst).  Not sure of her chances.  She kind of bugged me a little bit, and like Lauren, I think it's possible she might not fit in with this group.  Looking at her tribe, she might be in trouble.

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Apparently I missed reading Katrina's post-game Hollywood Reporter interview at the time. I wish I had. Here's the link:


I thought this was interesting:


Katrina's thoughts on which Hero impressed her the most:

"I knew Chrissy was trying to lump me with her to get me voted off first as the middle-aged woman, so to speak. We were so different. But she did a good job. She has worked the people in this group more than anybody. I feel like she has a softer, feminine presence that makes people feel safer, but she gets a lot of information from them and uses it to get them off. I think she can win the game. I think she's that good at that piece. Physically? She's not strong. She gets nervous before the challenges. She threw up [in the first challenge]. I tried to get Ashley and a few others to vote her off, because I knew she was a big threat."

So Chrissy may have wanted Katrina out, but Katrina wanted Chrissy out, too. This was not the middle-aged moms' coalition the editing suggested to add suspense about whether or not Chrissy's idol would get played.

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