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S13.E16: Man Down

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The Sean/mom phone call warmed my heart :'). Those two are just so precious.

I hope sean bought that boat some paint.

That poor guy on the saga. I knew he was gonna fall. 

And apparently this isn't the last ep of the season either. I feel like it's going extra long for some reason, even though it the same number of episodes. The show started a bit later than usual though, if i recall. By like a week, didn't it? And then the 4th and shark week (but they usually have a break during shark week, if i remember correctly). I don't know. 

*Ha, season 12 ended on the 2nd of august last year. So this year we're two weeks later than that. Not cool. You can really feel this show eating away at those lovely summer august tuesdays. :/

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Seanie-Poo and his Mums are just about the most adorable things I can tolerate.  I'm trying to imagine a youngster watching his Dad slowly die from a horrific disease, and promising to keep his legacy alive to take care of his Mum and sister(s?) ... and then actually following through with that promise with steady determination and a maturity that belies his age.  Well done, Sean.  There IS hope for our future.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming of wq shouting "Get off my lawn!".

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