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Adventure Time in the Media

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An in-depth, long form look at the tone, look, and characterization of AT. One of the few benefits I've had from browsing Buzzfeed every now and again.


The bizarre magic of the world’s greatest kid’s—is it for kids?—television show.


The points I love in this article are the ones that come from Pendleton Ward and the other writers themselves. As someone with a tepid view of the "Why Did You Eat My Fries" song, I was pleased to hear that the fries aspect was purely a gag. I appreciated the near-academic take that Maria Bustillos offers.

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So This Video from the book signing for the Adventure Time Encyclopedia confirms that Bubbline is canon(at least in the writers room) but we will likely never see it on the show due to censorship it seems. I figured that was the reason but it's still nice to hear that this all just isn't in people's heads but the subtext is in fact intentional and Bubbline did date at some point. I get it's a kids show so their is only so much they can do because they don't want to piss off the people who are usually very vocally against these things especially when a program is aimed at children. They already push the envelope quite a bit. It just sucks that this is still an issue for some people but I get it. 

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