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  1. Throughout the entire elimination portion at the end, I was repeating to my husband, "They must have broken up. They must have broken up. She's not even looking at him. She's not hugging him. Why is everyone consoling him, but her?" I wish I knew the gossip, because I think that Jacque wouldn't have lasted as long as she has without that showmance. Speaking of Rudy, Cat did not follow through and call him Scarlett O'Hara one last time. Thanks for nothing, Cat! (Just kidding, you wonderful, long-legged dreamboat)
  2. Holly F.

    S08.E13: Finals: Top 4 To 3

    I could feel it coming throughout the whole episode, and yet, I still had to collect myself when JB announced the final spot. I want Joe to come to my town so badly. Ride that wave of TV glory, Joe!
  3. Holly F.

    S06.E15: Nemesis

    I never thought I'd say this, but I'm wishing that we could get back to Finn's teenage problems of the heart. With those episodes, we get a good helping of Finn and Jake, but with a cadre of secondary characters. With this episode, in particular, I can now announce publicly that Peppermint Butler being darkly magical has been a delight over the seasons. Him being friends with Death is twisted, but even at his scariest, PB is still huggable.
  4. Holly F.


    I couldn't quite get a handle of why Jermaine was bombing so hardcore. I know they have to cut stuff for time, so the few things they showed of him were the cream of his particular crop. Which, you know, wasn't very great. That being said, the @Midnight twitter account shared a screenshot of his "Hexual Education" from hashtag wars. Eh.
  5. Holly F.

    S08.E12: Finals: Top 5 To 4

    The "gang/team" aspect of his set was my favorite part. Along with "m'friend" at the end of his slut talking bit last week, his quirky familiarisms have been the things that have stuck with me over the last few episodes. This season has been amazing, but I'm afraid that Joe Machi is going to be my Dave Mordal: really well-liked, but ultimately not the winner.
  6. Holly F.

    S11.E10: Top 14 Perform, 4 Eliminated

    I cannot get over my love for Cat's nickname for Rudy. When she said, "Okay, Scarlett O'Hara, you can come up too," I was more excited at hearing the nickname than I was for Rudy to actually advance. When he is inevitably cut, I imagine that he and Cat will have a bit of a silly cryfest.
  7. Holly F.

    S06.E13: Thanks For The Crabapples, Giuseppe

    AbracaDaniel is easily my favorite D-lister. His few character traits are so deliciously weird, but ultimately harmless. And the Ice King in a sweatband? Delightful.
  8. Holly F.

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Remembered to DVR this at the last minute, and I'm glad I did. My typical TV viewing is usually more on the Adventure Time end of the wholesome scale (the other extreme being...?), but I was not bothered at all by the graphic stuff. It felt true to the situation and people, plus gave us a more realistic setting for those great in-between-coitus scenes. Bravo to the entire cast and crew.
  9. Holly F.

    S06.E03: James II

    When Bubblegum has fleeting moments of unclenching, I really can see why Finn was drawn to her in the first place (besides, you know, being a straight teenage boy). She can be so fun! I'm sad that she is probably going to go back to her hyper-focused self in the next episode. Also, Finn dropkicking the candy orphan was easily my favorite part of the episode.
  10. Holly F.

    S06.E11: Glitter Ball

    Adore's pure joy at seeing her 15-year-old self in Untucked was magical. I, too, would have pointed out the hickey—especially if it had been my first one! Someone (DeLa?) asked if she was at the batting cages, but to me it looked like she was standing on a freeway overpass. I just love that chica.
  11. An in-depth, long form look at the tone, look, and characterization of AT. One of the few benefits I've had from browsing Buzzfeed every now and again. The bizarre magic of the world’s greatest kid’s—is it for kids?—television show. The points I love in this article are the ones that come from Pendleton Ward and the other writers themselves. As someone with a tepid view of the "Why Did You Eat My Fries" song, I was pleased to hear that the fries aspect was purely a gag. I appreciated the near-academic take that Maria Bustillos offers.
  12. My favorite thing about these episodes was the Lich baby—I was not expecting him to transform into something cuddly at all! But I've never been a Tree Trunks fan, so I'm a little iffy about where the Lich ended up.