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S06.E24: Reunion Part Two

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Okay, it's Tuesday and there's no comments on Part 2 of the Reunion yet?  Where is everyone???


Kenya's hypocrisy is amazing -- so, according to her, it's un-Christian for Phaedra to make comments about Kenya being barren, but it's perfectly okay for Kenya to make comments about Phaedra's husband straying.


I know that Andy said on WWHL Sunday night that, after viewers speculated that Mama Joyce was drunk during the Reunion, Kandi had responded that her mother doesn't drink at all.  That's too bad:  if that's Mama Joyce's normal personality, then I think she has some issues.  I could accept her entitled attitude and bratty behavior if the reason for it was that she was a bit tipsy.  If that's her 100% sober, then I feel even more badly for Todd, knowing that's what he's had to put up with.


So, what kind of lawsuits were they if references to Phaedra as a "head doctor" were part of the court testimony???  Did Phaedra sue someone for slander?



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MaMa Joyce is vile. Kandi needs to stop the gravy train where her mother is concerned since MaMa Joyce seems to think this is all her due. What has she done that a million other single parents haven't?

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I absolutely howled with laughter at Kandi's "Is this The Color Purple?" It was especially funny since I had recently watched it. I spent the rest of the time cringing at Joyce's very embarrassing behavior. I refuse to believe she wasn't on something.

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Mama Joyce needs to go sit down somewhere. I understand respecting your mother, but Kandi is an adult, married woman with 2 daughters now (her's and Todd's). She is taking good care of her mother financially. Mama Joyce needs to wish her well and let her live.


Kenya needs to stop pretending like that fight was unprovoked. She wants to sit on the sofa and sprout moral platitudes like she's a pretty princess and has no idea why Porsha grabbed her, but she needs to take responsibility for her actions as well.


Nene doesn't seem to have any friends left. She wants to be Queen Bee, but all of the women look like they're over her. Cynthia was her last close friend. She should probably move to Hollywood.

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