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  1. Where did this bright open basement come from? I remember the entry was off the kitchen/laundry area and it was small and dark. They cleaned it up a bit for Roseanne to use as her office to write. How hard would it be to look back at your own show to make sure you've got the details correct?
  2. Does Dorit own that BippityBobbityBoo restaurant? I must have missed something, because it sounded like she was just hired to decorate an area of someone else's BBB. (do I have an unlimited budget? Hell naw, you're not gonna bankrupt ME)
  3. I believe part of the grandchild scam is the scammers say 'Don't call Mom/Dad, I don't want them to know I'm in trouble'.
  4. I saw Terri Conn with a jewelry show early one morning. It wasn't impressive. In what world would the Q get rid of Cathy P and keep Terri C?
  5. I fell asleep, so I need to watch it all the way through. But, so far: I had second hand embarrassment for Ramona during her flirting scenes. Cringe-worthy and really not subtle. I thought Lu looked very good with the white jeans/hat/Vespa scene, but she seemed almost manic in her movements with the gardening and Barbara. And then basically blaming her kids for her relapse Ugh. Sonja with her asst serving her toast in bed and bitching about how long it was taking was funny - and duct taping big monogrammed towels over the windows? Don't every change So. ETA: Haven't mi
  6. I don’t know who decided to do the subtitles in white projected onto MK’s white top, but they are idiots.
  7. I thought it was interesting how he could control himself in all situations except when he was with his wife. I think it was asshole syndrome with a side of trauma.
  8. I was hoping they would pick Valerie or Jodie as the replacement host. Carrie Ann is my 2nd least favorite - Carnie has the #1 spot. I don't even watch when they are on, so Carrie Ann isn't going to make me want to watch the show on any regular basis.
  9. Why do tptb have Sharon read the opening remarks? She's awful at it.
  10. Please no Carnie Wilson - she makes everything about her. I think she's even worse than Sharon in that regard.
  11. Most of the teen crowd is back in school, so they won't be watching B&B during the day. Can we just let the 3 stooges fade into oblivion?
  12. The 3 summer teens cannot leave fast enough for me. I just don't care about them at all. Maybe if they were better actors, but the actress that plays Emma is really really bad.
  13. I really wish Hope would gain some dignity. I know she has never seen her mom have any, but damn it is tragic to see her scraping for any crumb Liam might send her way. Please go find a different man and Leggo this particular Eggo.
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