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How would you prepare?

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I'd spend a lot of time learning how to properly construct shelter. I'd also practice my fire starting skills, because you never know if your partner will bring a firestarter or not.


I'd probably also spend a lot of time eating all the food I loved, so that I'd have some weight to give once the starvation kicks in.

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I make the assumption that I would already have survival training of SOME kind, or I wouldn't have been selected. So I assume I have all the basic skills. Beyond that:

  • I'd make sure my body was comfortably in fat-burning mode, rather than sugar-burning mode. That goes a LONG way to keeping me from being hungry, and it's a set up for handling feast/famine.
  • I'd switch to a feast/famine eating pattern and do a lot of fasting alternated with high calorie intake.
  • I'd go strictly barefoot and work on building up serious callouses.
  • I'd do a LOT of research -- even flying to the country in question, if that's allowed in the rules. If I'm allowed to go there, then I'd find someone experienced in subsistance living/survival there and work with them.
  • I'd brush up on fire-building skills.
  • I'd focus on building traps and snares.
  • I'd work on slingshot skills and bring a slingshot with me.
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I agree with everything above, and will add that I think I would try to acclimatize to the temperature.  Turn up or off the heat depending on if you're going to the Maldives or Argentina.  


I would definitely do some careful woman-scaping so that I would be comfortable, tv ready, and yet hairy enough to prevent as many bug bites as possible.  (I am always jealous of my hubby's hairy legs during mosquito season!).  But maybe wax my armpits so I wouldn't have to worry about them?

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I'd brush up on flint knapping. That way there were more than one weapon.  Billy worked on some flint and made a spear to kill the nutria. This supplemented their knife.

Weaving. Learn to do lots of weaving and making twine. Learn to find the grubs, worms and other slower moving creatures.


If they were on an island, scout the beach, you might find a pot, clothes, footwear, cans, bottles and loads of plastic that could be useful.

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If they were on an island, scout the beach, you might find a pot, clothes, footwear, cans, bottles and loads of plastic that could be useful.

Bingo.  I'd also, well, cheat a bit, rub myself (especially my hairy bits, and my little carry bag if I could) with DEET.  It's the bugs that seem to really torment folks, and DEET works.  Not gonna last 21 days but it's a head start.


Depending on where they sent me, my first order of business would be to find a place to camp and burn it to the fucking ground.  A good half-acre or so.  Be a bit sooty but it'd get rid of the thorns and spiders and such, for a while at least. The new shoots would attract things that like to eat new shoots, and then I'd shoot them.  I'm betting the producers wouldn't like it but fuck 'em, let them sleep rough for a while.  


Why in god's name to do these folks bring any sharp edged instrument other than a good stout axe?  Let me bring my Gränsfors Bruks american feller and I'll show you a shabono by nightfall.  Next would be a proper fish weir (where appropriate) and a pit trap for anything big enough to impale itself.  Low impact be damned.


ETA: more cheating - inside a cleverly-disguised hollowed out bit in my axe handle would be my little squirt bottle of clorox.  Couple of drops per gallon and hello clean water.  I know, I know - cheating, but it's 'naked and afraid', not 'naked and stupid'.  

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