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S01.E09: Hotel Ruffles

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Krissy, Nicole and AthenaX meet for an early dip in the infinity pool where they wash away the fall out of another explosive gathering. Lisa joins Mel and Matty for some high end retail therapy. Victoria finally meets her long lost sister Lucy and quickly realises they have more in common than just a similar nose. Victoria invites Lucy to drinks, but poor Lucy is subjected to the volatile behaviour that is now expected with gathering of these strong headed ladies. Lisa and AthenaX come to blows, but can they get their friendship back on track before returning to Sydney?

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This show is just getting more and more embarrassing. I'm starting to think that Lisa Oldfield, let's just call her what she is Lisa OldFiend, is deliberately behaving in this lowrent, loud and obnoxious manner to embarrass her husband? She's a vulgar, petty and vindictive woman. This episode, we get the usual 'shopping in a mall that could be anywhere' scene where OldFiend lets us all know she dropped 19k on a Bottega Veneta handbag. It wasn't even particularly attractive and she definitely gave the impression that the whole point of this scene was the pricetag, not any actual desire for the bag. Also, I bet it was $HK19 NOT $AUD19 (or Singapore dollars), which would make this handbag actually more like $3k in Australian dollars, which is less in US. 

For some reason, Chrissie and bobblehead Nicole go for an early morning ... it's not a swim, because they just stand around in full makeup, until Chrissie, who I can't believe I'm actually starting to like a bit (due to the fact that this bunch are just so appalling) eventually puts her head under water, getting the others to follow suit. Why Chrissie is making overtures to the permanently off the chain Athena, eludes me, but she gives her the time of day in the only way possible: making it ALL about Athena, 'baptising' her to exorcise the demons of last night with Nicole. Athena is wearing hideous chandeliers that hang to her shoulders throughout the bathing scene. Nicole's are slightly less tasteless, to match her massively cupped aquamarine one piece. No doubt I'm not noticing that this ugly piece of lycra has a pricetag of thousands, because Nicole is another overt label whore, flashing Chanel coathangers and screaming about her 8 carat diamond ring in response to Athena's 4 carat. I'll forgive Nicole somewhat for that, because Athena is a braindamaged infantile wreck of a human being who can only function when she's competing for attention with another woman and screaming abuse at the top of her lungs. Preferably in public. And that's what we get AGAIN this episode. We've had Athena hurling abuse in the first episode, at Victoria, screeching at her own pathetic self funded art show and swearing at the top of her lungs. That time, she had Lisa OldFiend competing with her as she simulated humping Athena's leg, whilst saying 'I'm Krissie Marsh. I'm such a slut'. What IS THIS? It's more pathetic than high school. Lisa OldFiend's vocabulary seems stuck in this era which probably has something to do with her drug use which I'm becoming more and more convinced about. She favours calling other women 'sluts' and 'moles' which is very juvenile highschool abuse from the 80s where she's become stuck. There has to be some excuse for the pathetic and embarrassing behaviour we're witnessing.

Last episode in Singapore, Athena and Victoria start brawling like fishwives in public, with Victoria throwing a napkin at Athena and Athena reciprocating with a glass of water. Then wine. Athena is DESPERATE to become more famous than Teresa Giudice and her table flip. She is so utterly transparent in her pursuit of this mission. We got a snippet of her attempting to lift the edge of a table Mattie was sitting at in the preview for this week, and that's all it was, Mattie stops her. The context for this was revealed tonight: I can't even remember the exact argument, it doesn't matter because it's nonsensical. This show has been hijacked by 2 mentally unstable excuses for women in Athena and Lisa OldFiend (when she's not faking a migraine/food poisoning/drowning to get out of filming due to whatever is really going on). Athena has been lying to Lisa about Krissie. Lisa believes Krissie questioned whether she really was having marital issues. Tonight, Athena won't own this when Lisa brings it up at dinner and we're back at it again. This time in front of Victoria's boring excuse of a SL long lost sister. They haven't even had a drink when the screaming, swearing and abuse starts getting hurled. OldFiend is back at it with 'sluts' and 'moles' and 'fuck off, ya bitches'. Does she know she is being filmed? Meanwhile also, Krissie is literally trying to scrape Athena off her body. After the detente in the pool this morning, Athena just LOVES her new BFF. Not lost on OldFiend, who cannot stop referencing Krissie's snatch, and Krissie is a slut etc. The woman is married with a family. The abuse is just so ugly and ridiculous. It's not amusing, it's not clever, it has nothing to recommend it. It's certainly not entertaining. And this is all we get. A few scenes of facials (bird poo facials, how 5 years ago! this is not news. do these women live under a rock? yes. yes they do), Melissa the potplant and Victoria the hag 'accidentally' lost in a fish market 'we must have taken a wrong turn! oh ma gaaahd! oh maa gaaahd! it stinks!', another boring scene with Victoria and her sister with the bad teeth and the tongue piercing and back to another dinner where pointless endless abuse gets hurled by OldFiend and Athena. 

This episode is called 'Hotel Ruffles'. So far, this classless bunch of trogolodytes haven't been anywhere near the beautiful and historic Raffles hotel. I had high tea there once and it's spectacular in its colonial charm. That's probably a good thing, but why the episode name, I don't know. They've spent the entire trip in modern mega malls and suites in recently constructed hotels. At least production got them into a private room for the last dinner this episode, so the unsuspecting and innocent public weren't exposed to OldFiend and Athena hurling abuse and napery at the other hos. At one stage, Krissie tries to apologise to OldFiend and we are then subjected to another TH from it where it imitates her in an appalling and embarrassing mockery of a child's voice going 'I'm Krissie Marsh. Sticks and stones may break my bones' etc etc, the whole time rubbing her eyes and making herself even uglier...I just can't. My daughter and I were literally staring at the screen with our mouths open, wondering why an adult woman would allow herself to be filmed repeatedly behaving in this manner. It's just so pathetic and so ugly and what comes out of her mouth is reprehensible. She continues to talk about Krissie being a 'slut' and 'sucking big cocks' etc. There is ZERO grounds for any of these accusations, apart from Krissie greeting every waiter in an offputting way that she regards as flirtatious. This really burns OldFiend's bacon. Maybe the sleazy David, Lisa's famewhore husband, who now lurks in political nowhere land after being connected with one of Australia's most unfortunate racist political parties in the 90s, once made a complimentary remark about Krissie Marsh? No one viewing this show gets what all the vitriol that constantly pours from OldFiend's maw is actually about. It's a mystery that no one is interested in unravelling. It certainly doesn't relate to the show we are watching.


Above is just one of the many bizarre stories that have appeared this year about Lisa Oldfield. It references another story of her uploading video offering her very young son alcohol, drugs or 'a punch in the guts'. This woman is a sick, attention seeking lowlife. Her latest story is an attempt to spin some of her feral behaviour so far on this show by claiming to have been a victim of sexual assault. The story is so fishy, the details are so unbelievable and funnily enough, she wouldn't go to court after the police allegedly investigated. OldFiend has a long history of planting similarly attention seeking stories in local media. Her 'caught in a rip and rescued by an obese man towing a swan' while the cast was in the Whitsundays was another one, and gave her an excuse to bail out of the trip with no notice is about as believable as her dog swallowing a dozen condoms on a holiday weekend. I get the impression she's playing games with someone, her creepy husband perhaps. This stuff is so ridiculous it can only be explained as someone trying to win a bet. Someone with a mental illness.

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12 hours ago, queenjen said:

I bet it was $HK19 NOT $AUD19 (or Singapore dollars)

The Singapore dollar is almost equal to the Australian dollar, so she really dropped that ridiculous amount on that bag.

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