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Watch The First Official Trailer For Anne, The New CBC/Netflix Adaptation Of Anne Of Green Gables

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I've watched the first three episodes . . .

It's really, really good, guys. But do invest in Kleenex before watching.

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As a big Anne fan, the Megan Follows adaptation will always hold a place in my heart no other can usurp. It's kind of like how everyone has *their* Doctor (Who) and *their* SNL cast. The magic of youth can't be gainsaid.

That said, this is a marvelous adaptation. It's meant to be an episodic look at Anne's life, so a couple of warnings:

1) While events that are taken from the books hew very close to the books, they do add in extra stuff.

2) This adaptation takes a hard modern look at certain aspects of this time and place that LMM sort of glossed over to soothe the sensibilities of editors and readers. (E.g. the likely treatment of orphans as "home children.")

That said, keep an open mind and I think you'll like it. I don't think it's a spoiler to tell you this Anne pretty much just walked off the page, in my opinion.

Oh - while you'll laugh at parts, take the tip above seriously and keep tissues stocked.

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