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Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Donald Trump's Insistence On Spreading Debunked Conspiracy Theories

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Did anyone predict that Seth Meyers would pick up where Jon Stewart left off?
Also Trump is not watching Dora...'cause Spanish.

I actually didn't much like Seth on SNL. At best I thought he was another in the endless line of boring white guys, like Fallon, with nothing new to say and who didn't put anything extra on the lame jokes they peddled onto him in the fake news segments.

And his first few months on Late Night didn't help much. It was kind of lame.

But the election set him on fire. He's been fully as good as Oliver and Bee, and those are giants at this stuff. He's gained a permanent fan in me from these Closer Look segments, and his interviewing (when I've seen it) has gotten much better too. At least in comparison to a lame-ass like Jimmy Fallon, who's become even lamer as time goes by, when Myers gets better and better.

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And honestly, I give the slight edge to Seth, because while John OIiver and Samantha Bee are still quite sharp, they're only on one night a week, so they can really focus their efforts.  Seth produces these four times a week, and I don't think he's hit a false note yet, which is hard to do.  

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