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S03.E02: Rule No. 137: Move Your Car

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Struggling to keep herself busy after losing her job, Abby gets involved with her son's baseball team and butts heads with Coach Mike. Jo puts her ex-husband in rehab and dives into a relationship with Scott. To make up for lost alimony, Phoebe gets a job at an art gallery and promotes the work of husband JD. Delia loses a big client to a colleague.

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I had higher hopes for the show after the season premiere than I did watching this week's episode. I'm not a huge Abby fan already but that "move your car" bit was beyond. And let's bring in another cold, rude guy so we can forget about those qualities as soon as he shows sexual interest in a female character.

I wish Jo wasn't bouncing from a to z this episode - from kama sutra aficionado to wildly paranoid harpy. I don't blame the character for thinking that way but I'm tired of the show finding relationships that have a nice chemistry or flow in an interesting direction then get completely blown up.

I actually like watching Delia and Albert. It's the only time someone onscreen isn't constantly screeching.

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Have Abby & Jake ever tried to get to the bottom of why their son is an asshole and how they might be able to fix that? This show seems to treat his behavior as just normal kids stuff so Abby can roll her eyes and look exasperated at parenthood. But that is not normal kid behavior.

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