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  1. JoannKB

    S10:11 Leaving Las Vegas

    That giant house for only $3500? I should move to Flagstaff! You could get about 1400 sq ft in LA for that. I certainly hope they paid someone to clean up their Vegas houses for them after they left. A realtor is going to need to show them, and s/he is not going to do that clean up themselves. And... if they can afford paying mortgages on the Vegas houses and the Flagstaff land plus the rentals in Flagstaff - they could afford to hire movers. I'm sure if was TLC production's idea that they do all the moving themselves. Or else - what would they film?
  2. JoannKB

    S10:07 Divided We Move

    It's so weird that the only thing they were considering when choosing between properties was how it "felt" or what the view was. Are the properties identical prices? Is the cost of building homes on them the same price? Aren't they in different parts of town? Is there one that's farther away from places they might need to go? Do any of them need to find a local job in the area? Is there a difference in the public schools?
  3. JoannKB

    S09.E06: Meeting Mariah's Girlfriend

    Can someone explain the linguistic backbends that the women were going through to try to reassure Kody that the Women's March was not a "political protest" but a "walk of support"? The amount of times they said "it's not a protest" was bizarre. Would Kody not let them go if it was a political protest? If so, is that because: 1. He is morally or religiously against political protest, or 2. Against this cause, protesting this current political climate in particular, or 3. Worried that they would get arrested, or were doing something illegal, or 4. Worried that TLC would not film two political protests in one season, and therefore not cover his polygamy law protest? I couldn't quite figure out what was not being said. They kept repeating themselves and getting so specific about the language that it seemed like there was something unspoken.
  4. JoannKB

    S06.E03: Jump Then Fall

    It's very distracting, especially in the scenes when she's standing next to her sister. They are completely different colors now. Their skin tone - they don't even look related anymore.
  5. JoannKB

    S09.E03: I Will Survive

    Cutting up your wedding dress and turning it into flowers is not "something borrowed." Borrowing something means that you will return it after you use it. That's why "something borrowed" at a wedding is usually something like a piece of jewelry or maybe a grandparents' handkerchief or something. Then you give it back after the wedding. Mykelti is not going to give the fabric flowers back after the wedding and it will magically become a wedding dress again.
  6. JoannKB

    S06.E20: Let's Try To Get Along

    But if Maci's solution to her complaints is to get Ryan to step up and ask to have his time with Bentley be spent with him and Mack only, rather than always at Jenn & Larry's house - which I think is a good solution - then approaching Mack with this suggestion is good. Maci maybe went a little too far with the Jenn & Larry criticism, and Mack was put on the spot with the TV cameras there, but I think the conversation overall was a good idea.
  7. JoannKB

    S34.E07: What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile

    When Jeff told Varner that he'd outed Zeke to millions of people, I wanted someone to say "not if you don't air this." It's not live TV. The choice to make it an outing to millions was the production's choice. What Varner did was awful, but I really hope that Jeff and the producers got Zeke's permission to make this a part of the show. They didn't have to.
  8. JoannKB

    S07.E20: Fake Out

    I thought the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz was unique! I didn't not realize that they have these all over the country. It made me faint, too. So don't feel bad.
  9. JoannKB

    S02.E12: Is Josh Free in Two Weeks?

    Exactly. I'm a size 8 in regular clothes and had to get a size 12 wedding dress. With Rebecca's beautiful "ample bosom" there is no way she is fitting into a size 6 wedding dress. They missed an opportunity to get a funnier joke about being horrified about what size dress she would have to get. As far as the wedding planning, why did she have to do everything herself? Sure no wedding planners would do it on that timeline, but surely there are bakeries, florists, etc. that she could hire. I know it's funnier if she goes all out over the top, but the fact that they never even addressed her other options (buy some cake pops at the grocery store, for goodness sake) bugged.
  10. This should just become the Lisa Edelstein & Retta show. Their scenes were way better than anything else this show has been doing lately.
  11. JoannKB

    S01.E13: Three Sentences

    After Jack's "we should have another kid," I thought for sure this week's twist was going to be that there was a fourth kid who died, and Kate's guilt over that somehow was going to be the source of her weight issue. Glad I was wrong. My son's school has this policy, but it's only if you are passing out invitations at the school. You can't give invitations to only some of your classmates; you must pass them out to all. (They have the same policy on valentines; you must give valentines to your entire class if you give them out.) However, if you send evites or mail out invitations you can invite whomever you want.
  12. Have Abby & Jake ever tried to get to the bottom of why their son is an asshole and how they might be able to fix that? This show seems to treat his behavior as just normal kids stuff so Abby can roll her eyes and look exasperated at parenthood. But that is not normal kid behavior.
  13. JoannKB

    S08.E06: A Shocking Revelation

    I think a lot of why Meri is unsettled by Mariah's coming out is that is completely exposes how broken their mother-daughter relationship is for everyone to see. It makes Meri realize that she does not know her own daughter. Mariah didn't tell her first, and used a whole crowd of supportive co-parents in order to cushion herself from the cold reaction that she knew she was going to get from Meri. It's all interlinked. Now that her relationship with Kody has fallen apart, and she never pursued a relationship with her sister wives other than Robyn, Mariah was Meri's only chance at having a close family member. And the fact that Meri could be so blind to something fundamental about her daughter makes it clear that the mother-daughter relationship is no longer what she hoped it would be.
  14. JoannKB

    S08.E01: It's Worse Than We Thought

    Exactly. You only get to say this if you are paying for your own wedding. You can't simultaneously ask for money to pay for your wedding and say that you get the final say about all of the decisions, like when the wedding is. I didn't see either of them say that they would pay for their own wedding in order to be able to have the wedding they want.
  15. JoannKB

    S08.E01: It's Worse Than We Thought

    This was creepy. Kody kept saying he and Tony were "negotiating the contract" like he was selling off his daughter for two goats and a cow.