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"Celebrity" Sightings - BBC contestants in real life

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Canada is a small country, population wise, so we're bound to run into them sooner or later!

Last summer I saw Emmett when I went tidal bore rafting - he operates one of the boats, although not the company I was with.

Tonight, I saw Andrew at a bar singing karaoke! My apologies, I cannot remember what song he sang. But he totally looked at me when I sang!! Neat! Nobody I was with had a clue who he was, or cared when I told them.

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I met Talla.  Her skin was terrible close-up, but she was nice.  Tom was standing nearby being douchey, and although they're both on Team Capricorn with me, I didn't go out of my way to meet him.

Heather works next door to me.  I've seen her a million times.

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Heather made a special appearance at West Edmonton Mall yesterday.  I just happened to walk by at the right time.  She was wearing this godawful peach-colored dress with a sequined bodice and a jean jacket over top.  Her hair looked as if she had spent six hours on it.  Seeing her made me glad that I'm (A) not on TV and (B) a guy.

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If anyone is in Halifax and wants to see Emmett and Jillian, they sell blueberries at the Seaport Farmer's Market every Saturday! I came thisclose to running into Emmett carrying a stack of blueberry boxes yesterday, which could have been a pretty spectacular mess (and entirely my fault - I was not in any way looking where I was going).

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On 1 May, 2016 at 5:48 PM, Supay said:

To the resident Calgarians, a certain couple from the first season has very recently crossed over to another RTV show:

  Reveal hidden contents


I'm most definitely watching! 

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I met Kelsey, Raul and Phil last night.  The ironic part is that I was rooting for Tim most of the season and my sons were well aware of that fact. 

When my oldest asked me if I'd like to attend this event,  I reminded him of my issues and warned that I might not be able to be nice. .haha

My son suggested a picture with Raul after he introduced us,  and then Kelsey jumped in,  as well as Phil. 

So,  Raul is actually such a doll in person! Very charismatic and hilarious. I think I saw his best side as i was basically introduced as a "Mom", and his mother was there,  I believe. You can tell he was brought up right.

Kelsey is very sweet and stunningly, flawlessly gorgeous in person. I mean,  I was stunned by how pretty she is,  and i was not a fan of that alliance at all. .haha

Phil was holding Kelsey's dog most of the evening. He wasn't billed as appearing, but i think Kelsey told the organizers and they ended up calling him up too, to take part in the Q& A.

Phil was more reserved than the other two..much quieter than his tv self, for sure. I think he is shyer than the other two, maybe.  

Kelsey and Phil are SO together, by the way. No hiding that. 

Nobody loves a good snarkfest like I do,  but what stuck with me is that it is so easy to have opinions of people we see on tv and even strong emotions about them,  but with that barrier removed,  they are all so different in person and just like everyone else. 

They couldn't have been more gracious if they tried. 

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That's great you had a great time with them.

I used to want her with Phil in the house cause he had the cutest crush over her and Jared was such a tool. Happy for Phil and Kelsey.

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