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  1. Well somebody's gotta work and it's sure as hell not gonna be Bobbyn Robyn's crotch fruit.
  2. With her Dad in a chair at the foot of the bed watching. Jesus, I'll never get over that birthing bullshit!
  3. OMG- I swear I thought that was a picture of Kenny Loggins and I was like " strange person to have a pic of but ok, it's the Browns. " 🤣🤣🤣
  4. MarysWetBar


    The worst thing is imagining what it smells like after being worn by FT for even 15 minutes. My best guesses are: 1. Flaming diaper fire 2. 10 day old guac left on the back patio in Phoenix. 3. Burt Reynold's asscrack after running a 26K ...in July...again...in Phoenix.
  5. Am I dreaming, or was there not footage of someone pushing the demented granpa around on an office chair?
  6. My fave quote of the season was Truley looking directly at the camera and saying "my mom is loco in the coco."
  7. I wonder how much Mason is making per episode now. That was the snarky part.😁 He seems like a nice kid from what Ì see on the edited, scripted show. Poor Kim...18 HOURS per week of WORK! She'll have to give up eating and sleeping. 🙄🙄
  8. That takes #2 spot on my Sister Wives Skeeviest Moments highlights reel. The #1 spot is the home child birth scene where Bobbyn's Pops is doing one of these about 3 inches from her va-ja-jay holiest of holes:
  9. She needs to make her bloody way to a bra store and get a properly sized support garment for those bodacious danglers of hers that we are forced to endure looking at in any scene she is in. No wonder Sol and Areola will miss her- she is likely "pinch hitting" for Bobbyn the same way Meri did for Janelle. Anytime I see her on screen leaning off the side of a couch or hanging out with the team, she reminds me of the old neighbor in Something about Mary. Look at this picture, Lippy- this is your future:
  10. 1. My guess is Christine lost weight when Bobbyn Robyn started ejecting crotch fruit at a record pace to seal her place beside the King Douche in the almighty everafters....you know...Planet Herpes. Her food budget was cut so Robyn had more to feed her brood. 2. Also, you just KNOW these bitches play out the "recuperating from birthing" scenario for months...so big Kody took lil Kody on over to Christine's every night for some down-home kinky Mormon lovin'. Janelle has absolutely no fucks left to give. The sad thing is, if she left this freakshow, she would likely lose weig
  11. Maddie! You reminded me of something that pissed me off about her chitty chat about moving to Vegas to be near family. As I recall it, her and hubby moved to Vegas to LIVE OFF family...not due to virtuous reasons. They may have stayed afterward, but she and her hillbilly hubby got the best room in the house and all kinds of special perks when they moved in. I feel sorry for Savannah too. She seems lost to me.
  12. +250 bonus points for the use of twat in a sentence. I use it daily as does my eldest. If I'm really riled up, ill pronounce it to rhyme with hat. Well done, Joan! 😉
  13. I got the vibe he was embarrassed by Gabes emotion. As messed up as she is, Janelles kids are my favourite as they seem the most authentic. More independent. Free thinkers.
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