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S04.E01: Two Swords

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This Forum is for Unsullied Members to post in: those who have vowed to not only not read the books, but also to not watch previews, read information on the Viewer's Guide, or seek any information outside of what has been IN THE EPISODES ONLY.
For the purposes of The Habitat there are 4 categories of visitor:

Unsullied = Only watch the show from HBO static to closing credits. Nothing else, nada, zilch, zip. = Welcome to post in here.

Unspoiled = Haven't read the books. Watch the show plus ‘next time on’ previews and/or interviews/reviews and/or own GoT DVD boxsets and/or access HBO GoT content. = Please post in the main GoT forum, where the No Spoiler threads cater to you.

Partially spoiled Bookwalker = Have read some of the books but none beyond where the show has broadcast. = Please post in the main GoT forum.

Fully spoiled Bookwalker = Have read either all of the books or past where the show has broadcast. = Please post in the main GoT forum, there are even Book Talk threads for you.

Unless you fall into the Unsullied category above you should be in READ-ONLY mode in this thread (and sub-forum).

Thank you for your cooperation.

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OK.  I was just watching a program on the history of British pies (hey! A Viewer's got to keep occupied over the long weekend somehow?! >:-D ) and I learned a couple of pieces of information that relate to this episode. (Yeah, I couldn't figure out where else to put this info, so I hope here is OK.  If not, Mods feel free to move it to a more relevant location.)


1) British pies have a long history, and way back when they were the highlight of a Wedding feast.  So, that's where Joffrey's Wedding Pie comes from.  Further, the richer you were the finer or more exotic the ingredients were.  Some pies even contained living things.  So Joffrey's Doves fit right in, but of the live items that have actually been put in Historical pies I think Joffrey's should have contained .... live frogs .... or snakes (much more fitting IMO).  Which brings me to....

2) There was one item that was put live in a pie that I am glad wasn't depicted on the show.  A young dwarf named Jeffrey Hudson - who at the time was 18 inches tall - was put in a pie, dressed in a full suit of armor. (So it was like people popping out of a cake - not for eating - just to be clear, because this IS GoT.)  He emerged from the pie hands first.  Did a little dance on the table and was a great sensation.  He ended up having quite a varied life (not exactly an easy one) and is depicted in a Vermeer painting with the wife of Charles the First (a Duke "gave him" to Charles).  So, dwarves as entertainment? Check. Thank you GRRM for NOT putting any in Joffrey's wedding pie!  I'm pretty sure killing someone on your wedding day is as unlucky as killing someone on your name day, even though Joffrey's luck had almost run out,  no need to make it worse. 

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