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S02.E05: Most Guys


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Spencer counsels Travis, but is distracted by a possible health crisis and a sketchy financial history. Meanwhile, Reggie and Joe try to cheer up Vernon; and Ricky advises Charles to take a stand.

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Dammit, Spencer!  You are so going to regret not getting treatment for your hip, and now just illegally getting your pills elsewhere.  You might come off like the most reasonable person on this show on the surface, but you will crash in spectacular fashion, I suspect.

Hey, Annabelle is back!  For the time being, at least.  At least Ricky was actually mature with her and even seemed to be listening to her advice. Looks like he turned out that sweet offer from Buffalo, so I wonder what his plan will be now.  Since I doubt he's going anywhere, I'm guessing this will all end up with him going back to Miami somehow.

Speaking of going back, Charlie now got an offer from Larry/Dule Hill to rejoin the team, but in the office this time.  I actually think he'd might be a good fit for that.

Joe and Reggie were a surprisingly fun pairing.  I liked them kind of bonding over being the ones behind a bigger star (Spencer and Vernon, respectfully), even though they bring their own things to the table.

Still not sure what to make of this new player and his attitude.

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The NFLPA is outraged that players are retiring broke...maybe if the members weren't spending on exotic pets and moronic entourages, retirement would be better financed...

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I'm wondering how the Andre deal is going to tie into this... Right now they're making it look like Spencer's gonna be in trouble - but I wonder if they're not going after the big fish and they're just using him to bait the hook?

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I struggle to watch this show when Spence and the players make stupid decisions. Mistakes, OK. Sometimes learning opportunities? OK. But continuous, willful stupidity from grown men? No. 

Spence, get the f'ing hip surgery. Idiot. You think nonstop drugs is better? I don't even know what the thing about Buffalo was. Was it a comment on race relations there? Choosing a llama? Because ... Why? How was Vernon going to take care of it? And what was the teen with the car about? What did any of that prove? And why does Spencer's past personal investment a factor in repping players? People learn and change. If anything, you want someone who has learned that lesson.  If it was illegal, wouldn't that be known? 

The only story lines I liked were the front office job and the kid from the swamps who shows signs of growing up. 

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