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S01.E09: Disappearing Act

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Another good episode.

And next week is the season finale.  That's what they are calling it in the promo so perhaps there is some hope that there will be another season.

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On 22/07/2016 at 9:34 AM, Trey said:

so perhaps there is some hope that there will be another season.

Jason Priestly has been retweeting good comments about the show and tagging in Global TV every time. Which is adorable, but it seems like he's uncertain too. Global hasn't even bothered to have an intern start a social media account for the show so idk. *worries* Ratings seem to be not fantastic but not basement, mid-top 30.

I didn't really care about the mystery but I was soooo worried about Matt and Angie's partnership, lol. You could not have told me at the beginning of the season I would feel so invested. But I was practically holding my breath during the poker scene at the end. They're the cutest and I want them to solve way more crime together.

Cop boyfriend asking Angie if she needed his help and then taking her at her word when she said no? also adorable.

Why girlfriend didn't just move to Mexico for treatment was unclear.

Nice wrap-up of things with the ex-wife, and evidence of Matt's new maturity that he wasn't just like, yay, car! I was totally expecting tv producer's ex to be a woman lol. But lgbt representation is something for the show to work on in the second season that is totally going to happen. :)

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