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Watch Late Night Take A Closer Look At Trump Running Mate Mike Pence

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8 minutes ago, Knuckles said:

Since Jon Stewart has left the rodeo, I am addicted to Seth. His Closer Looks are the antidote I need to all the ugliness of this campaign season.

Same here.  He's become my favorite of the late night. hosts.  I had high hopes for Colbert, but Seth is the one doing really interesting work right now.

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I know he probably wanted to stay within the NBC family, but I consistently think that Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah should switch hosting gigs. Seth really would've been a great Daily Show host; you can tell he's truly passionate about politics, and he knows his shit. 

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16 hours ago, Princess Sparkle said:

Seth really would've been a great Daily Show host;

Absolutely, and he would have been on earlier, which would have given him a bigger audience. He was really the one who should have been chosen...but NBC may have offered a very sweet deal to stay with them.

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