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S01.E03: Episode 3

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The Truth Terrorist kidnaps an old soldier and webcasts his imprisonment.

I continue to like the pacing. I feel the detectives' frustrations as they begin to make progress on one part of the crime, only to be caught up short when another pops up.

And it finally occurs to me that I know the actor playing Hillier (the tabloid dude) from his turn as the younger, doomed Medici brother in DaVinci's Demons.

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I am still trying to figure out the storyline that is not the murders. It seems like it's something to do with women immigrants forced into prostitution. Is anyone else clearer about what's supposed to be going on there? Because I am lost.

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Lots of moving parts in this show.

Multiple story lines.

Characters intertwined.

Human trafficking guy is the brother of the hospitalized girl who stole the pain meds from the elderly.

Her bf is the pimp the immigrant woman called to get her out of the country house with the horses but she had  to have a unsavory encounter before she and her son got bus tickets to disappear.

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Thanks for the info. This show seems to be shot in all shade of gray (maybe that's just the English weather) and a lot of the protagonists all look alike: tall, gangly and dark haired. I'm sure things will straighten out when they tie the plot threads together.

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I'm really enjoying this, even though I could never get into similar shows like The Bridge or The Killing. I think Elise just draws me in. I snickered when she picked up the bartender:

"You like men or women?"
"Women, mostly.
Good enough for Elise.

The big question for me is whether Stephen (who owns the hostel and took Veronica and her son to the country) is a good guy or not. He may be the killer?

Karl's snotty son is laying it on a bit thick. Kick him out of the damned house if he's so unhappy.

I also didn't have any sympathy for the runaway teen girl who's pissed at her mum, although it looks like she's stepped into the fire now with weirdo guy who took her in.

The kidnapped veteran probably isn't long for this world but I'm hoping the other runaway couple who found him can be saved.

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