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S01.E02: Episode 2

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I confess to FFing through any scene that doesn't have the 2 detectives in it. I know that these threads will all come together at some point, but right now everything is sort of dingy and everyone looks the same. There are also things going on that are probably obvious to Brits that I don't understand.

Am I nuts (wait, don't answer that) or did it look like Stephen Dillane and his family lived in a warehouse-like shack in the first ep but now you see they live in a nice house?

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Seeing this show (filmed years ago) in the aftermath of the Brexit vote  certainly adds a layer to my enjoyment.

I once saw Dillane on stage in The Real Thing. Been a fan since.

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Karl and his wife made me laugh.

- Why aren't the girls in their beds?

I sold them on eBay.

- Good move.

I guess Suze inadvertently saved that lady in the nursing home.  I hope she starts getting her pain meds now.

I like that there has been cooperation between the British and French police instead of rivalry and posturing. 

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