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Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising (2016)

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I enjoyed the first one (a lot more than I anticipated I would) and saw the sequel last night at a sneak peek hosted by a friend in the entertainment industry; wide release is this Friday. It was delightful - a fun summer flick. 

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I saw it tonight. The first one was definitely better but this one was fun, and I did appreciate the discussions about double standards and sexism, since it's definitely a hot button issue these days.

"We got Cosbyed!" So wrong yet so funny.

I always appreciate Zac Efron shirtless. And the part with him and Dave Franco dancing to Footloose was the best. While I was surprised his character turned out to be gay, I did like that Zac and the other frat friends were supportive to the point where they helped set up his boyfriend's proposal. That was adorable.

And was the toddler Stella the same baby they used in the first movie? I know she probably isn't, but she just looks so much like her!

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I watched it a few weeks back. I liked it enough, but I felt the first one was way better.

That being said, I liked having Zac Efron's character back on my screen and I felt bad for him throughout the movie.

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I looked it up on IMDB and it was the same little twins from the original!  They're growing up so cute!

I sympathized with Teddy too (even though at the beginning I didn't like how he blamed Mac and Kelly for the fact that he couldn't get a job due to his criminal record).  I liked how he changed his behavior upon realizing that the frat parties were sexist towards girls, and how he tried to warn them from making the same mistakes he did in the first movie.  I had to laugh at how they secretly voted to kick him out via text through lecturing.

The party montages were a riot, especially their loud sobbing while watching The Fault in Our Stars.  "THEY'RE SO YOUNG!"

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