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When an American college student working in Johannesburg is killed and his brother goes missing, the International Response Team suspects a gang could be behind both. Jack works the case with Lieutenant Ananda Doshi, a profiler he’s worked with before who has an unorthodox style of investigation.

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The episode wasn't too bad, but I got a little confused at who was who until right at the end (at first, I thought that the guy they found at the warehouse in the mask was the same guy that we saw with the pregnant wife). I wonder how often they get actors who are actually native to the country they are 'visiting' to investigate the murders.  Arnold Vosloo (the father of the two boys), Musetta Vander (the aunt) and Cliff Simon (the killer) are all originally from South Africa.  

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27 minutes ago, Rick Kitchen said:

OMG, Arnold Vosloo!  The Mummy! He really is South African.

I KNEW I KNEW HIM!  I think the grey hair and all the clothes made him hard to recognize.

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I'm glad they actually had quite a few South Africans like Arnold Vosloo and Cliff Simon (Ba'al is a serial killer and we all knew this lol).

Dayo Ade (the imprisoned gang leader) is from Degrassi High (original 80s recipe lol).

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I thought this was a great episode.  Very interesting plot and well paced.  I enjoyed the scenes of South Africa even if the show isn't really filmed there.

I knew Arnold Vosloo is South African and recognised him immediately.   I too was always wondering how often the show was able to get actors from the countries the characters were from.  I had been labouring under the illusion that it was "almost always", but I think Mykelti Williamson is a little too well known.

I enjoyed the Mystical Voodoo Lady, and I was amused by the disagreements that Jack and Clara had with her.  I thought it was an interesting exposition that they had worked with her on a previous case, it makes it seem like the team has had a long history together and isn't just some upstart team cobbled together in 2016.

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