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S05.E12: What You See Is Not What You Get

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Ok. As soon as Jenelle and Nathan hit my screen the eye rolling began. Neither had on a seat belt as they sped along to Jace's Tae Keon Do. Then Jenelle in her dead pan voice explaining to the instuctor that Jace needed some discipline and this was "step one". Oh Jenelle honey, step one starts at home and should have started years ago but I guess you missed that memo. But I did find myself smiling at Jace and hoping against hope that he will finally have a positive male influence in his life. But what am I saying? There is no way Jenelle is going to drag her lazy ass out of bed each week to bring him to class.

Leah- I'm getting the feeling she has already cheated with Corey. Noooo!!

Chelsey- loved the picture on the fridge that (presumably) Aubrey drew. Time to rethink the hair when the four year old is ripping on it. And Paisley may have looked scrawny, I hope they are remembering to feed her.

And finally, Kail- what kind of skank ass picture was that above her bed?? Some new form of birth control?

That's all I have to say.

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Nathan on the ground yelling "private property!" at the officer over and over again was hilarious. Like he thought if he just pulled in the driveway and walked inside without acknowledging the flashing lights behind him all would be fine.

I doubt that Correy would go back to Leah. But I do think Jeremy was more upset about text messages she had sent to Correy, not that Correy had sent to her like she tried to make it seem. Leah needs constant attention and when the husband or the camera crew aren't around she's going to act out. She's only 21 so I try to sympathize with her because if I was 21 and had three children I would probably act the same way she does about Jeremy leaving for 5 weeks.

I love Chelsey. I love that she called Adam on his patheticness. I feel her pain with her concern for Aubrey and his random presence and then absence in her life. She might not be perfect and she might still be in love with the douche, but she tries.

Javi is so amazing. If I was sitting there nagging my husband like Kail was nagging him about the babies room the conversation would have gone a lot differently, especially wth cameras documenting the whole thing.

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Jenelle needs some therapy. I think she, Barb and Jace should be in family therapy.  Isaac is adorable.  I heard that this show got picked up for another season. Maybe we will get to see Jenelle and Mongo's (Nathan) amazing parenting skills with Kaiser Roll. 

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I'm pretty used to the TWOP nicknames for the girlses (Goggles, not Googles, and Adderall), but when my husband watched this episode with me he came up with my favorite. He saw baby Adderall (or Addaeilynnne or whatever Toddlers & Tiaras-esque name it has) and said "Jesus! That baby is a dead ringer for Butterbean." I laughed and laughed and laughed. I think the baby diet of Mountain Dew and puréed Lunchables is not going well.

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Kail- what kind of skank ass picture was that above her bed?? Some new form of birth control?

I came to the forum mainly because of that picture. I'm relieved that we didn't get a full shot of the entire picture, but I'm still scarred and horrified by what we did see of the underwear and the skin and the OMG MY EYES. I'd say that picture alone makes Kail the worst of this Teen Mom bunch, but see (a) Janelle, and (b) Isaac being a seemingly great little kid.

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