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  1. No they were talking about running thru mazes to collect objects. Now that I think about it weren’t they running through looking for monkeys or parrots or some other strange colorful objects. And they had to open gates to get them. I think Nicole did that one. I think it was last season! Wow my mind really did want to block out that season. How come I can remember Danielle shivering holding a rope and jumping over a bunny(?) on a spinning carousel (that broke) against Zack (lurch) 14 years ago but I can’t remember last summer?
  2. And a Serrano pepper and cilantro. SB and Brit-tini 🍸are under a blanket together. They think veto will be a maze. SB says BB mazes are hard. Someone help me. I can only remember mazes on Survivor. Someone remind me of a BB maze.
  3. That’s why I’m questioning Derex. If he is as smart as I think he is he won’t put all his eggs in one basket.
  4. Derex and Whit are talking and Derex says he thinks it’s a back door plot against him. Is this true? Or does he think he’s in solid with Royal Flush?
  5. Apparently Whit is not reacting well to the nom. Says The Kings during their post nom pow wow - but when I switch feeds she seems fine.
  6. Every time I see Britini spelled out I do not read Brittney I read Brit-tini. Like some exotic drink. Or maybe a really bad martini in London. I don’t know. Is it Friday yet?
  7. Finally got the Bluetooth headphones hooked up, opened a Coke Zero and settled in for Clair and Tif? Game talk and … bubbles.
  8. Bye bye Frenchie. Please. Please.
  9. A true fan would have tried to blow up Frenchie’s game last night. When we still had the feeds. Dumbass.
  10. Just off the top of anyone’s head- Is this the shortest “live feed discussion” thread of any season? I’m too apathetic to go look.
  11. Isn’t there an episode on Sunday nights? I went to my DVR list this morning and no BB. Did my tv get so bored with these people that it deleted it from the record list?
  12. Dani would have a hairless cat. Now I know what DaVonne looked like when she was a little girl. Her daughter looks just like her. Angela and Tyler would call each other “babe” blech.
  13. But don’t the loved ones write the letters at the beginning of the season? So then you would have to win twice to get that second letter which might be more current. Unless loved ones provide more than one letter at the beginning. I don’t know.
  14. This season the blankets are more interesting than the players.
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