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S03.E03: Karmygeddon

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What a sad ending that was. Poor Amy. 


Yep. Must have been painful to finally hear that the only reason Karma kissed her was her narcissism and need to be loved. Ouch. Are we supposed to believe that's 100% true?


I think what comes next is that Amy really does move on, actually becomes very happy with someone else, and Karma gets jealous as per usual. At some point she may question whether her narcissism line is totally legitimate, but this show is unlikely to get the episodes to explore that. So thanks to the show-runner for several years of Karmy baiting.  

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I do think the show is going in a bisexual Karma direction; there have been many little hints to it (and some more blatant things, like Liam actually calling her out on caring more about Amy than about him when he was supposed to be her boyfriend). Whether they'll actually get the episodes for that, I don't know.


I liked this one, despite the sad ending. Karma and Amy both needed to admit those things. I'm also enjoying Lauren even more than usual now that she's using her bitchiness on Amy's behalf. It's fun to see her so protective.

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God bless Katie Stevens. First for going all out in the hump day video. Also for wearing those shorts throughout the episode.


Feel for both girls. Haven't really sided for either one through out the season because they both have valid points. I really don't see one being more in the wrong than the other. Really wanting to see how this plays out.


Loved Lauren still not knowing who Oliver is.


Really enjoying how this season is going. Unlike the last couple of seasons this season hasn't started of slowly.

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This season is really making me happy, it's really, really good. Although, still feel more for Amy than I think I will ever for Karma. Also, giving out Amy's journal feels way worse than showing that video, but whatever. 


I love Lauren this season ten times more than I've loved her from the start of this show. She's pretty amazing and her awesomeness this season knows no bounds.


My Shane love is wearing thin this season, I'm not as big a fan of his as I was in the past season.


I'm kind of sad that from what I read, this isn't doing well ratings wise as I think this is the best season so far, aside from the first half of season one before that terrible season finale. And I don't think it's going to be renewed, only because I'm pretty sure Awkward is going to end after this season-don't quote me on that, I am not sure if it's the final season, I think it is- I don't know where the network would put this show. It sort of works after Awkward but if that's gone, then..I don't know where it fits. It's such a quirky little show, this show would fit possibly on the now renamed freeform network. Also considering half of the PLL cast somehow ends up on this show. 

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Oh, man, what a sweet episode. Loved every moment of it.


I liked the conversation between Amy & Karma at the end. Part of the truth (Karma) came out between them.


Loved Shane and Lauren interactions. I always said that they would make a great couple if Shane was not gay. But, I'll settle for great friendship between the two.


Liam is boring as ever. Sheesh!!!


That 'Hump Day' video was embarrassingly bad for Karma. But, leaking Amy's journal was a tad worse. At least Karma did not read it. The only reason she didn't was her fear of seeing the truth in print.

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