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S03.E06: Philadelphia

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The best thing about this was Ilana's Yiddish Mandarin Chinese, complete with cigar and bowling strike. I love Rain Man Illana, when she busts out some savant-like skill heretofore unseen. Like her mad messenger skillz last episode. "I'm a power turquoise, bitch!"


What I did not like was how this episode veered into sitcom. For the first time ever, it seemed too typical. Watching with my daughter, from the first walk into the bowling alley, she said "I feel like they're going to spend up all that money before they get to her." For me it was the beanie baby ending telegraph from the moment the cash started being spent. That's bad when the episode is telegraphed from the first, and I've never had that with BC. It never takes the conventional or typical route.


I hope it was just a lazy misstep.

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I thought the Beanie Baby storyline was even more predictable than the money being spent. As soon as Ilana started getting all excited about it, I knew it was just a matter of time before it got lost, stolen, run over, dropped in the mud, or something disastrous. I agree that being predictable is not what I expect from Broad City.

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