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Again With This: Inconsistency, Thy Name Is...Loretta, Jaime, And Mira

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Ah, I was wondering about the "season finale" thing you guys had mentioned, since I think there are a few clips in the opening for episodes that haven't shown yet. Thanks for the clarification. Though it looks like they've got it at 10 o'clock, which is fine for me except that it means we're pretty unlikely to get a podcast out the same night.


That was definitely one of the worst final rounds ever. When you can't get Madonna as the first clue in two seconds (Amy Schumer is opening for her? That's your first clue?) you know it's going to be a tragedy unless there's a Ciara-like switch flipped in someone's head.

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Up until that last round, this was probably the strongest episode of Hollywood Game Night that I've ever seen. The teams were equally matched, and the celebs seemed like they were genuinely doing their best for their civilian - with the exception of her "17" answer, Kesha was appropriately competitive through all of the games, and, despite her weird, voluminous, Stevie Nick's style dress, still had on sensible shoes, which I appreciated. And even though Loretta was terrible in Off the top of My Head, you could tell that it really bothered her, and she was at least *trying* to do better.

And then, man. I even thought "Oh, yeah, she's got this in the bag," with Rachel and Jaime giving her clues. There was no way to see that coming. I have to agree with Tara that, as consistently bad as Loretta Devine was, and how overall strong Jaime Pressley was, that's the kind of mistake you just can't forgive.

Also, while I believe Rachel Ray was playing for her own charity, her attempts to apologize to the civilian during the credits did a lot to get me back on her side.

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I have to believe Jamue Pressley was drunk ... She seemed to get louder and louder as the show progressed and was just unexplicably bad in the end. She totally owes that poor contestant 25,000 because I think if she had just shut up, Rachel Ray could have gotten the job done.

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Come on, Joe. Loretta is the one to banish. Not even close. That was an abominable performance.

As for the final round, my wife and I were in complete agreement that the best celebrity cluegivers were Mira and Taye. When she chose Jamie and Rachel we were like, "huh, defensible I guess, but not what I would have gone with." After the very first celebrity answer was "Madonna," and Jamie and Rachel both immediately responded with, "OHHHHHHHHH ... UHHHHHHHHH," we were both like, "well, Lady Civilian is fucked."

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Yes, keep telling us about your personal game nights! We love it!

I would have gone with Taye Diggs from that couch for the final round. He did just as well Rachel and he seems like he'd stay calm and not get flustered by the other person. And I would have gone with Mira right up until the Springfield misstep.

They also showed Jane reacting to Loretta's "Bart" clue.

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