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  1. Can someone explain to me Alex's pre-final Jeopardy comment "Believe it or not, if you are good at math, it may help you with our final today."
  2. I think the judges made a huge error today. The clue read ‘this 11 letter word is the ‘t’ in LGBTQ.’ Austin guessed transsexual and was ruled incorrect, and I agree with that ruling. However, Alan’s response was ‘transgendered’ which is clearly more than 11 letters. It was only a $400 clue but if I were Buzzy or Austin I’d be pissed if Alan ends up winning by a small margin.
  3. I guess NBC made this episode the finale because they knew anyone who watched it would never ever watch another episode? It was really bad. I have low expectations for this show in general so if I'm disappointed in the quality, the show is in trouble.
  4. What a great episode (although FJ was far too easy). While the librarian's slow talk irked me somewhat, I would take her over the annoying McKinney any day. Andrew's comeback was very impressive.
  5. I know I'm in the minority's but I too loved the series finale. I thought it was just about perfect.
  6. I have to believe Jamue Pressley was drunk ... She seemed to get louder and louder as the show progressed and was just unexplicably bad in the end. She totally owes that poor contestant 25,000 because I think if she had just shut up, Rachel Ray could have gotten the job done.
  7. I felt like Marlon Wayans got called out for picking up the pillow before the music stopped not for slow walking ....
  8. I am on Tara's side regarding Field of Creams. As I recall, the game as described by Jane was that only one letter of the movie title had been changed. Since the D in Dreams was changed to C, that should have been the only acceptable change to the title.
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